25 Healthy(ish) Dinner Ideas

These healthy dinner ideas are all fun and packed with flavor. They just also happen to be pretty good for you … it’s the best of both worlds! 

Ground chicken recipe with sesame sauce

By now you probably know that we love a good indulgent meal as much as anyone. But there’s a time and a place for everything, and you might be surprised to learn just how healthy most of our meals are. It’s eating healthy meals that allows us to have indulgent meals as often as we do.

There’s a common misconception that healthy dinners are boring, or flavorless. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, a lot of healthy dinners are just as full of flavor as their unhealthy counterparts. It’s all about finding the right recipes that will excite your taste buds, while still making your body feel good. 

What Makes a Dinner Healthy?

There are so many different things that can make for a healthy dinner recipe. But there are three things that we try to incorporate when we come up with healthy dinner ideas. 

  • Vegetables. It’s cliche to say, but eating your vegetables is an important part of having a healthy diet. When we make healthy dinner recipes, we try to incorporate a few different veggies. You’ll notice that most of the recipes in this article have a large amount of vegetables.
  • Lean proteins. Most dinners are built around protein, and our healthy dinner ideas usually use lean proteins. We’re big fans of chicken, turkey, and fish (especially salmon!). Eggs and legumes can also work as the base protein, and when we use something less lean, like beef or pork, we opt for small portions. 
  • Healthy fats. If you’re a fan of our recipes, then you know how we feel: fat is flavor! You need some fat to make a yummy dish. But some fats are healthier than others. For our healthy dinner ideas we try to use mostly healthier fats, like olive oil and fish.  

Tips for Eating Healthier

Eating healthier meals isn’t always easy. Here are a few of our favorite tips for incorporating some healthier habits into your dinners. 

  • Make leftovers. One of the easiest ways to eat healthier is to make leftovers anytime you make a healthy or semi-healthy dinner. That way, when you’re feeling snackish, the food that you have readily available is healthy.
  • Cook your greens. If you want to get extra mileage out of some healthy ingredients, cook your greens. If you wilt spinach, you can eat a whole bag in just a few bites, while still getting almost the exact same nutritional benefit. 
  • Keep healthy ingredients around. We like to make sure that our fridge and pantry are stocked with healthy ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and legumes. That way when you’re looking for a fun, healthy dinner idea (like the recipes in this article!), you’re more likely to already have the ingredients you need to make it.

25 Healthy(ish) Dinner Ideas

These dinner recipes are fun and full of flavor. But they're also meals that will make you feel good when you eat them! Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring!

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