Hot Crab and Corn Dip

Make this Hot Crab and Corn Dip for your next party! Corn and peppers mixed with crab meat in a creamy filling make this dip recipe super addicting! Love easy appetizers like this hot dip? Be sure and try our easy BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP or for an appetizer that eats like a meal try our LOADED BURRITO DIP! Why We Love This Crab Dip Recipe! There’s really not much not to love here…this Hot Corn and Crab Dip is honestly the most perfect appetizer recipe! For one, it’s a total make ahead recipe, which makes party planning so much easier. For two, even though it’s a make ahead recipe it’s so east to make you hardly need to. But do, do make this hot dip ahead of time and save yourself the trouble of doing it...
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Roasted Tomato Basil Pizza

This Roasted Tomato Basil Pizza is bursting with flavor from oven roasted tomatoes! Use up your tomatoes from the garden or grab some from the store! I mean, who doesn’t love pizza??? Also be sure and try these super easy MEATBALL PIZZA QUESADILLAS or if you’re looking for low carb, try this delicious pizza with a CHICKEN CRUST! Sweet, Oven...
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Bratwurst Recipes & Ideas

These Bratwurst Recipes & Ideas are our favorite bratwurst recipes and some sausage recipes that you can swap out with bratwurst! Bratwurst, brats – who doesn’t love ’em? We sure do, and we’re sharing our favorite recipes with you today! Some recipes towards the end are Italian sausage recipes that can easily be swapped out with bratwurst, or vise versa!...
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Bratwurst with Pineapple Tequila Salsa

Bratwurst with Pineapple Tequila Salsa is the ultimate summer grilling recipe! Kick up your grilled brats with this sweet pineapple salsa! We love making all kinds of bratwurst recipes! Try our super fun PEPPER & CHEESE HASSELBACK BRATWURST or this GERMAN STYLE BRATWURST recipe! Can You Substitute Italian Sausage In This Recipe? You definitely can, but we love the flavor...
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Pepper & Cheese Hasselback Bratwurst

These Pepper & Cheese Hasselback Bratwurst are hitting the grill tonight! Plain bratwurst is delicious, but this recipe is stuffed with peppers and cheese! How much do you love bratwurst??? Make sure these Beer Brats with Pineapple Tequila Salsa and our delicious German Style Bratwurst recipe! What Does Hasselback Mean? There’s a lot of recipes you see these days for...
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