Stove Top Split Pea and Ham Soup

Make this Stove Top Split Pea and Ham Soup with your leftover ham bone! There’s nothing better than the smell of this soup simmering away on your stove top! And we’ve got lots more where that came from! For more leftover ham ideas try this Slow Cooker Pasta Fagioli or this super comforting Ham and Noodle Soup and this delicious Dill Pickle Ham Salad! Split Pea and Ham Soup There’s really nothing more comforting than a pot of soup simmering away on your stove. We’re such a crazy soup family, it doesn’t even have to be cold outside for us to want to make some! There’s a soup recipe for ever season at our house. Or we just crank up the air conditioner and enjoy our soup anyway. Split Pea and Ham Soup is a newer...
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Dill Pickle Ham Salad

Dill Pickle Ham Salad is an amazing leftover ham recipe! This creamy ham salad with dill pickles works as a cracker spread or a sandwich filling! We’re usually serving up our famous SPIRAL SLICED HAM for the holidays! So we have tons of leftover ham…or another great leftover ham recipe is this comforting SLOW COOKER HAM AND NOODLE soup! Ham Salad...
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Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Eggs

These Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Eggs are a super easy appetizer for any holiday! Make these stuffed eggs out for appetizers, lunch or just a low carb snack! Love eggs? Try our Classic Deviled Eggs too or these Sausage & Hash Brown Deviled Eggs for a fun addition to brunch! Deviled Eggs or Stuffed Eggs? Not to be confused with deviled...
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Must Make Easter Desserts!

Any of these Must Make Easter Desserts are going to be a hit at your Easter dessert table! There’s something here for everyone so dive in a take a look! Try our delicious Spiral Sliced Ham recipe for dinner and definitely these Buttered Carrots with Streusel Topping to go on the side! We found ourselves at the point this year...
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Buttered Carrots with Streusel Topping

Buttered Carrots with Streusel Topping are are going to be hit on your holiday table! This delicious roasted carrot side dish is just what your dinner needs! If you’re making a Roasted Turkey or a delicious Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham recipe, these buttered carrots are going to be the perfect side dish recipe! Killer Side Dish Recipes! We know everyone...
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