Christmas Morning Mimosa

This Christmas Morning Mimosa is perfect for your holiday brunch! This champagne cocktail isn’t just for the holidays, it’s delicious all year!   Champagne cocktails are a go to drink for the holidays. Champagne always feels like a party, even when it’s not. Am I right? This Christmas Morning Mimosa is a go to brunch cocktail, but it’s also great for serving in the evening at your cocktail party or Christmas Eve party. Any party. Any time of day. You get the idea. Because the flavors in this mimosa work so well together, it doesn’t have to be Christmas time for you to enjoy it. How Do You Make A Mimosa?   Typically a mimosa recipe is just champagne and orange juice. Just add orange juice to a champagne flute and top off with champagne. You...
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Christmas Punch Recipe

This festive Christmas Punch Recipe is perfect for your holiday parties! Make this holiday punch in large or small batches depending on what you need! We’re on day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails! This Christmas Punch Recipe is super easy and super tasty! Who doesn’t love a good Christmas cocktail party? My hand is raised high –...
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Champagne Jello Shots

These Champagne Jello Shots are going to be a hit at any party! We made these jello shots Christmas ready but you can change them up any way you like! It’s day 1 of our 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails! We’re so excited, we had to start this off with these boozy jello shots! Remember when jello shots were the...
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Champagne Cocktail Recipes

These Champagne Cocktail Recipes are prefect for the holidays or for any cocktail party! Choose your favorite champagne drinks or try them all!   Today we’re rounding up our favorite champagne cocktail recipes for holiday parties or any cocktail party! Because, let’s face it. Champagne isn’t just for the holidays. Champagne drinks, or champagne alone does scream party or a...
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Skillet Spinach Artichoke Dip

Dips like this Skillet Spinach Artichoke Dip are the ultimate party appetizer for a crowd! Ready in 30 minutes, this hot spinach dip will please everyone! I love the holidays – or any party really. Putting a bubbling hot spinach dip down on the table for everyone to dive into…that’s a party. Appetizer recipes in general are my favorite things...
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Homemade Shoestring French Fries

These Homemade Shoestring French Fries are so addicting! We’re deep frying, oven baking and air frying these fries so you can pick the way you make them! I like to have options. So if you’re following a certain diet, you’ve got options. Or if you want to make a recipe but don’t have the exact ingredients, you’ve got options. Today...
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Island Champagne Cocktail

This Island Champagne Cocktail is a perfect brunch cocktail recipe! The light flavors in this champagne drink make it perfect for any time of day! We’re going back to the islands! Like soon. Two days after Thanksgiving my family and I will be sitting back on that ridiculously beautiful beach Trunk Bay, you can go back and read about my...
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