Pecan Chicken Salad Apple Slices

These Pecan Chicken Salad Apple Slices have become a new snacking staple at our house. You’ll never miss the bread with this crisp apple slice instead! Even if you’re not cutting back on bread, you’re still going to love this idea. There’s plenty of recipes that I’ve seen that include apple IN the chicken salad, so why not use it in place of a slice of bread for appetizers, snacks or even a light meal. Because most people love chicken salad, for one. For two, everyone seems to be on some sort of low carb something these days, and for three…these Pecan Chicken Salad Apple Slices are rockstar good. We’ve been trying to get a few more low carb dinner recipes in our routine…it’s pretty easy to do if you do it right. You can even get some pretty epic low carb appetizers going if you’re really craving something over the top. But I guess like being on any type of diet you eventually crave what you’re not supposed to have. Like a piece of bread. I promise with these Pecan Chicken Salad Apple Slices, you’re not going to miss it. So this recipe isn’t super crazy low carb, there are raisins in...
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Bourbon Grapefruit Sidecar

Try a Bourbon Grapefruit Sidecar for cocktail hour tonight! Make these for happy hour or if you want to kick those mimosas to the curb at brunch! It’a not that often that you find a drink like this one that’s party worthy for multiple occasions. Like I said, you could shake these up for cocktail hour or brunch – or really...
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Zero Cream Asparagus Leek Soup

This Zero Cream Asparagus Leek Soup is a healthy dinner that you’re actually going to crave. No added cream in this recipe, it’s good all on it’s own! Ok so after the holidays we need to slip a few meals in that aren’t going to take us over the top. Over the top dinners are what we do best here,...
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Fried Poutine Wontons

These Fried Poutine Wontons are my new favorite appetizer twist! I took the flavors of poutine fries with gravy and wrapped them up in a wonton…and fried it. Not really sure how my brain came up with this one, but it did. And I’m so happy it did because these are pretty amazing. Actually we were trying to think of a...
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Chocolate Cherry Hard Soda

Try a Chocolate Cherry Hard Soda for Valentine’s Day! This cocktail is a fun drink that you can add to your Valentine’s Day dinner or for a signature party drink! Not that you couldn’t enjoy this drink on any other day, it really doesn’t have to be a holiday like Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s Day is just what came to...
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Crack Beef Tip Bites

Try these Crack Beef Tip Bites at your next party! Tender beef coated in an epic sauce that won’t be easily forgotten. Everyone is going to be begging for this recipe! Sometimes you have to bring it. Put out the appetizer that everyone is going to go crazy for and that’s going to be gone in minutes. These Crack Beef Tip Bites...
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