Roasted Vegetable Chowder with Kielbasa

Roasted Vegetable Chowder with Kielbasa is the ultimate dinner on a cold night! Roasting vegetables definitely kicks the flavor up a bit. Much better (I think) than just boiling or steaming. And then after they’re roasted if you turn them into a chowder? Awesome. Talk about getting your daily serving of vegetables in one bowl. But don’t think I’m going to forget about the good stuff…we’re going to throw some sausage in there too. Gotta have your protein…I think it’s all about the balance like this Sausage Potato Spinach Soup that we love to make. Start off by chopping and roasting the vegetables. While they’re roasting add a chopped onion and some garlic to a large pot with olive oil. When the vegetable come out of the oven, add them to the soup pot and then pour in 6 cups of chicken stock. Let the soup simmer for 30 minutes and then puree using a stick blender. You can also add this in batches to a regular blender, just be careful not to add too much at a time. Once the soup is blended add a half cup of heavy cream and the sliced kielbasa. You could also use browned italian sausage or shredded...
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Fireball Whisky Apple Pies

We know you love drinking that Fireball Whisky, but lets do some cooking with it too! I’m making dessert today – Fireball Whisky Apple Pies! Here I go making another dessert. With booze, of course, just like my other dessert recipes. Store bought pie crust. Yes. I’m not making pie crust from scratch. Pillsbury does just fine all on it’s own. I...
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Slow Cooker Ham Soup

Don’t throw away that ham bone when you’re done with dinner. Save it and make this Slow Cooker Ham Soup. Your family will thank you! OK so if you don’t have a ham bone how are you going to make this recipe? You’re not. I have to say there aren’t really any substitutes for this recipe. You can definitely take...
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Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatloaf

How do you make meatloaf fancy? Like fancy enough to serve to dinner guests? Make this Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatloaf and you’ll be the star of the party. Or just the star of your kitchen at dinner time. Because as a lot of food is on our website,  it looks fancy and maybe like it took a long time to make...
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Bourbon Caramel Corn Milkshake

Let’s play ball! I’m getting ready for the playoffs with this Bourbon Caramel Corn Milkshake! What says baseball to me? Tailgating, hanging with my friends and family (mostly my boys) and food. Oh yeah, there’s the Yankees too and watching the actual game…but the food and drinks have a lot to do with the whole experience. I’m a die hard...
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Fish Nuggets with Bang Bang Sauce

Forget frozen fish sticks – I mean FORGET them. These Fish Nuggets with Bang Bang Sauce are so much better, there’s no comparison. And you can freeze these too if you want to make your meals ahead. They’ll be perfectly crispy and ready for you when you want them. Then add in my version of Bang Bang sauce and you’re...
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Sesame Shrimp Bites with Lemon Aioli

If you’re looking for a light appetizer that doesn’t lack in flavor look no further than these Sesame Shrimp Bites with Lemon Aioli. Sounds fancy right? Shrimp Bites. Not Shrimp Balls. Or shrimp meatballs. I mean, yes they are balls of shrimp – but that doesn’t sound so nice. So Shrimp Bites it is, Shrimp Bites with Lemon Aioli just to make...
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