Fiesta Steak Tips

One bite of these Fiesta Steak Tips is all you need to turn dinner into a party! Marinated tender beef tips that are oven roasted to perfection!   The other day I went on a day trip into Hoboken to learn about some meat. It was a meat retreat. How cool is that? As you know by now if you’re a reader of the blog here…I’m a big fan of beef. I think it actually should be included in most recipes. Even when Christie puts a meat free dinner on the table on random nights I tell her that it’s delicious, but it would be better with some sort of meat of some sort. That’s me, a true meat and potatoes kind of guy. So when I got invited to this “Meat Retreat” by the New York Beef Council I knew it was the perfect day for me. I got to learn about the entire life cycle of beef and how it eventually ends up on our plates, how to butcher different cuts of meat and also got to eat a little. And at the end of the day they handed me a giant bag of meat to take home...
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Cinco de Mayo Dinner Recipes

Break out the tequila, it’s Cinco de Mayo time! I know how important the drinks are, but you gotta have food, too. This list of Cinco de Mayo Dinner Recipes is going to get you started! There’s so many reasons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The warm weather finally being here, good drinks and hanging with friends and of course the...
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Classic Gibson Martini

Today we’re going old school. This Classic Gibson Martini is about as simple as it gets, and sometimes the classics are best just the way they are! You know I love to take recipes and put my own twist on them. It’s one of the things I sit and think about all day long now, and all night long. Christie...
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Crispy Oven Roasted Bacon Potatoes

Try these Crispy Oven Roasted Bacon Potatoes as a side dish for any dinner! These delicious potatoes are oven roasted until crispy then tossed in a warm bacon dressing! I love potatoes. All kinds, mashed, fried – french fries are on the top of the list – potato salad…I don’t think there’s a potato that I’ve met that I didn’t...
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Bacon Shrimp Toast

This Bacon Shrimp Toast is so good, you’ll never order it from take out again! It’s surprisingly easy to make and sure to be a huge hit at parties! Bacon…everything is better with bacon. As much as I loved the flavor of shrimp toast the first time I tried it, I knew I could make it taste even better. We had...
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Grilled Dirty Martini

So I know what you’re thinking, how can a martini be grilled? It’s all about the garnish today in this Grilled Dirty Martini! We’re trying to get the flavor of summer right in your glass. Today is April 6. The joke I just heard on the news is that were calling this season “Sprinter” which is a combination of Spring...
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Ham and Pub Cheese Crackers

Make these Ham and Pub Cheese Crackers whenever you’re in the mood for those classic ham and cheese flavors! We make these for lunch, snacks or appetizers at a party!   Pretty much every time we get together with friends or family, there’s always cheese and crackers involved. It could be a whole cheese and cracker platter or just a...
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