Bananas Foster Shots

Bananas Foster Shots will be a hit at your next party. You choose if you want to serve them for dessert or drinks or both! Shots of all kinds are definitely my thing, and I think everyone knows that by now. I definitely love making boozy dessert shots to bring out after dinner…especially if we hadn’t planned any dessert – it’s kind of like a substitute – or a good fake out to make it seem like you planned on it all along. Last week I used Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum Cream to make this crazy good banana bread and this week I”m using it for shots. These Bananas Foster Shots taste exactly like the dessert it’s famously named after, so if bananas foster for dessert is your thing, you’re going to love these. Last week I also went to Met Life Stadium to check out Kenny Chesney in concert…and I’m happy to report, a good time was had by all. Note to self, next time I go tailgating at a Kenny Chesney concert, bring more than two bottles of the Blue Chair Bay Rum. Like a lot more. Hanging out my brother and a few friends, the night went along...
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Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster is a classic dessert that just so happens to be one of my favorite desserts ordering out – but it’s so easy to make at home! The first time I ever had it was at an Italian restaurant near my home. They come over table side to prepare it, flames and all. Then they pour the sauce all over the cold vanilla...
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Grilled Spiked Lemonade

We’re going to celebrate National Lemonade Day with this Grilled Spiked Lemonade! Yep, we’re grilling our cocktails today, too. So now I’m getting crazy and using the grill for our drinks? Yep, why not. This is the perfect drink to have on National Lemonade Day, it’s the adult version going on at our house, kids can have it sans alcohol. Lemonade makes...
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Mexican Street Corn Pudding

This Mexican Street Corn Pudding is loaded with roasted corn, green chiles and tons of cheddar cheese! It’s also the perfect side dish to a steak, grilled chicken or fish. I mean you’ve got your corn for the vegetable. You’re cheese and milk for your dairy and some eggs for protein. It’s like a complete meal really. And it’s pretty crazy...
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Favorite Bratwurst Recipes

Check out my Favorite Bratwurst Recipes for all your party food, dinners and sides that you can imagine! A recipe calls for sausage? Try swapping it out for bratwurst! Who doesn’t love brats? Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall. Doesn’t matter, it’s still bratwurst season. You can cook them on the grill or not, boil them in beer, or not…but do that. ‘Cause they’re...
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