Asian Shrimp Cocktail

This Asian Shrimp Cocktail is going to be your new favorite way to make shrimp cocktail! Shrimp cocktail is a standard appetizer that usually makes an appearance at most parties. It’s good, everyone like it and it’s really easy to make. There’s never any leftover shrimp cocktail, right? Leftovers of a lot of other apps always happen – but the shrimp are always gone. I like to roast our shrimp instead of boiling it like in this Roasted Shrimp Cocktail recipe. I think it gives the shrimp more flavor than boiling it in water but really both ways are good. So for this Asian Shrimp Cocktail recipe I took that same method of roasting the shrimp but just added some Asian flavors to the mix. One more step in this recipe is a quick marinade…but it only takes a half an hour. I used soy sauce, garlic, fresh ginger and sesame oil for the marinade and it worked out perfectly. You can add some cayenne if you want to make these shrimp spicy or even a squeeze of sriracha would be good. This time I left out the spice. Some like it hot. Some not. And since this appetizer is for everyone – and since it’s...
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Champagne Mule

This Champagne Mule cocktail is definitely going to get the party going…and keep it going as long as the champagne keeps pouring! I love a good moscow mule, especially when it’s served up in the traditional copper mugs. It almost doesn’t even taste the same unless it’s in a copper mug, right? It’s weird how that works. So when I...
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Disney with a Twist

Disney with a Twist is all about our last family vacation to Disney…with a “twist” meaning we’re going to explore the adult side of Disney too, the food and the cocktails! We are huge Disney fans. We’ve been there every couple of years with our kids, even when our youngest was only 6 months old. It’s the kind of trip that...
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Weeknight Chicken Dinners

These Weeknight Chicken Dinners are a round up of some of my favorite chicken dinner recipes! I don’t know about you but one of the first questions I always asked after school was “What’s for dinner?” Sometimes I got the answer I was looking for and sometimes…not. And what answer did I get the most? Chicken. It usually ended with a...
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Shake up this Cidertini for a chilled cider drink any time of the year! One of my favorite hot cider drinks is with just the addition of bourbon or brandy. That’s really all you need. More bourbon, less cider. That’s pretty much the ratio. I also like using Lairds Apple Brandy in my cider, they’re another New Jersey based company…I...
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Coconut Rum Cookies

These Coconut Rum Cookies are my birthday dessert this year! Boozy, chocolate topped, coconut covered cookies. What could be better! Yep, it’s that time of year again. Birthday time. Our month of May is pretty crazy, like every weekend there’s a holiday or a birthday…or our Anniversary. And there’s baseball thrown in there. So yes, it’s a busy month. That’s why I...
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French Dip Party Sliders

Make these French Dip Party Sliders for a fun dinner or at your next party for appetizers – either way they’ll be gone in minutes! I know there’s a ton of recipes for these party sliders and I’ve tried just about all of them. The classic ham and cheese, the cheeseburger sliders, even cuban sliders. Yep – those are all...
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