Apple Cider Mojito

This Apple Cider Mojito is like drinking Fall in a glass that you can enjoy all season long! Don’t skimp on the garnishes for this cocktail, all the flavors and smells come through with every sip. I’m always looking for more ways to use apple cider in the Fall. We always seem to buy it in gallons, no one asking if we’re out, always one of us just picking up more when we see it. When the cider gets to be too much in the fridge though, I turn to cocktails. This Apple Cider Mojito is my latest cocktail for Food Fanatic that I hope you’re going to love! Drinking it straight up is just fine, the crisp flavor of cider is what we wait for all year and man, it’s worth the wait. One of my favorite ways to drink cider is warmed with a shot or two of Applejack brandy and a cinnamon stick for stirring. Warms you up to say the least but it’s such a darn tasty drink when it’s cold. Even if you’re not outside IN the cold, just trying to stay warm inside the house. But you can also cook with cider, if you’re making...
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Apple Bacon and Brie Phyllo Cups

These Apple Bacon and Brie Phyllo Cups are an easy, one bite appetizer that everyone is sure to love. Get these ready for your Holiday parties! We all want tasty, but easy ranks pretty high up there too. Especially when we’re talking about Holiday dinners, when you’re not just talking about ONE appetizer. We’re talking about a LOT of appetizers. You...
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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

You definitely won’t get bored with all those leftovers if you use this Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes list! Let’s all take a deep breath. Another holiday is over. We can get those running shoes back on, start making salads and healthy dinners again and get back on our schedules. Thanksgiving dinner is usually a several hour long even in our house. appetizers, drinks,...
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Thanksgiving Cocktail Round Up

This Thanksgiving Cocktail Round Up is going to get you through the long haul – the longest dinner of the year! I mean, it’s a great food day. All the appetizers, all the desserts, the turkey. ALL the food. But we need something to wash all that food down with too and that’s where the cocktails come in…and I’m here to...
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Island Champagne Cocktail

This Island Champagne Cocktail is going to bring us right to the islands in the most delicious way possible! We’re going back to the islands! Like soon. Two days after Thanksgiving my family and I will be sitting back on that ridiculously beautiful beach Trunk Bay, you can go back and read about my last vacation to St. John here. We’re...
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