Chilled Sweet Corn Soup

This Chilled Sweet Corn Soup is the ultimate warm weather dinner that’s as easy to make as it is delicious! Chilled soup or gazpacho is another new item that I can add to the dinner menu. I actually think it should be called blender soup, but I was shot down on that title. But that’s exactly what it is – blender soup. All the ingredients go into the blender and then it’s done. No cooking, no simmering. Nothing. Leave a comment below the post if you think it should be called Blender Soup, Christie and I have a bet going on… Gazpacho is new to me, meaning I’ve never had any type of gazpacho or cold soup in my life. Honestly it just never really sounded that great to me, so I never tried it. But I do love corn and all things made with corn. Especially if you’re talking a chowder recipe of some sort. But Christie had it at a restaurant last summer and hasn’t been able to stop talking about it. How fresh it tasted and how sweet the corn was, her gazpacho was topped with lump crab meat but we’re keeping it a little more simple for this recipe....
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Watermelon Margarita Shooters

If you’re having a Fourth of July party – or any party this summer then you’re going to need to make these Watermelon Margarita Shooters! Tequila just screams party to me, right? There’s the standard tequila shots with lime, of course there’s your margaritas, even a nice glass of sipping tequila…you’re in party mode. So let’s think about combining tequila with a summer time...
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Whisky Apple Pie Float

Who says cider is just for Fall? These Whisky Apple Pie Floats are the ultimate summer dessert! Whisky has become one of my favorite things to drink. Especially when we’re talking about Crown Royal Apple. I can say without hesitation that this is one of my favorite things to sit down and have a glass of.   And as far as a dessert cocktail...
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Party Pasta Chips

For a different, totally amazing and customizable party snack you’ve got to try these Party Pasta Chips! Once you make these Party Pasta Chips, you’ll never throw out your leftover pasta again! I love putting out different types of appetizers that your guests flip out over. Sometimes even the simplest things like this Chicken Caesar Bruschetta or Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks turn...
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Oatmeal Cookie Shots

Oatmeal Cookie Shots are the perfect, boozy after dinner drink that can substitute as a dessert too! Here’s another dessert shot that I can tie in with some of my favorites from the site here, there’s a long list, but these are at the top. I did end up serving these Oatmeal Cookie Shots with actual oatmeal cookies. It just...
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Boozy Dessert Cocktails

Boozy Dessert Cocktails are one of my favorite things to break out after dinner! You can still bust out a dessert too, but today I’m talking cocktails! It’s not that I don’t like a good slice of cake or a piece of pie, I do. But I like them even better when there’s a boozy cocktail on the side! The truth is,...
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