French Dressing Steak

This French Dressing Steak is made with only three ingredients! Sometimes it’s the easiest recipes have the most amazing flavor!   There are so many awesome steak recipes that we make over and over. This Strip Steak with Onion Sauce is a huge hit, or this Grilled Steak with Spicy Chimichurri is one we make when we’re looking for something spicy. Not that either of those recipes are difficuly, but every now and then you just need quick and easy – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on flavor…not at all my friends, not at all. All you need to make this French Dressing Steak is, you guessed it, French Dressing for one. Sliced onions for two and of course, the steak. You can use flank steak, tri-tip, or a hanger steak – any cut of steak that you would normally throw a marinade on. I grabbed a sirloin for this recipe because it’s usually really affordable, and also not my favorite cut of steak, but if marinated right it’s pretty darn tasty. You can also use Catalina dressing instead of French, which is what Christie’s Aunt uses when she makes her famous tri-tips…the Catalina has more vinegar in...
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Short Cut Beef Braciole

Try making this Short Cut Beef Braciole for a delicious tasting dinner that seems like it took all afternoon in the oven to cook! I do love having something going in the oven or on top of the stove for hours cooking away like this Beefy French Onion Soup recipes does…the way it makes the whole house smell good and keeps...
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Ten Tasty Fajita Recipes

This list of Ten Tasty Fajita Recipes will help you celebrate National Fajita Day! Pick one or all of your favorites and make dinner a party! Every time we make some sort of Mexican food or Tex-Mex style food dinner seems so much more fun. The kids love it, we love it…we really need to make it a weekly dinner...
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Boozy Strawberry Shortcake Dip

Make this Boozy Strawberry Shortcake Dip for dessert and watch the fruit disappear! Grab different fruits and cookies for dipping and make it a party! And because it’s a party, we’re going to add a little booze in here to make this dip more party like. YES, you can make this Boozy Strawberry Shortcake Dip without the booze for the little...
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Kentucky Sunset

This Kentucky Sunset cocktail is just one of the drinks I had when I got to taste Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength for the first time in New York City! A couple of months ago I was invited to a restaurant in Tribeca called American Cut to sample Bulleit Barrel Strength and possibly meet founder, Tom Bulleit. Well, that was an invitation...
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Sticky Root Beer BBQ Ribs

These Sticky Root Beer BBQ Ribs are going to be the hit of your BBQ! Skip the napkins because this sauce is finger licking good! Have you ever heard of someone that doesn’t eat “stuff off the bone”? Weird right? Like there’s a whole world of people out there that think eating a chicken leg or a rib is gross. Yep...
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