Beef Tip Marsala Stew

This Beef Tip Marsala Stew is perfect comfort food dinner everyone will love! Serve over noodles, with mashed potatoes or with my favorite – french fries! Beef stew is one of those things that we don’t make often, even in the colder months. I’m not sure why because every time we do it’s always a hit and makes dinner seem like a special occasion. I mean what’s there not to like about perfectly tender meat swimming in thick gravy poured over noodles or potatoes? Or like I said, crispy french fries to soak up a all that gravy, sort of like a poutine recipe, minus the cheese although that’s not a bad idea either… This Beef Tip Marsala Stew is a pretty simple recipe, a basic beef stew with the addition of marsala wine to kick up the flavor. In a lot of beef stew recipes you might see red wine used or just beef broth but I like the flavor that marsala wine brings to the stew. Just like all the marsala recipes I like, these Chicken Marsala Wings are one of my favorites. Anyway, back to the stew, start by browning the meat in a large dutch oven....
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Pumpkin Moscow Mule

This¬†Pumpkin Moscow Mule is another fun cocktail that you can have at any happy hour, or Halloween party! But really, you’re going to want one every night! Sometimes a recipe or drink happens around the prop. Like this pumpkin copper cup – for sure I was making a Pumpkin Moscow Mule. Obviously. But that does seem to happen with me...
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Sticky Hoisin Chicken Wings

These baked Sticky Hoisin Chicken Wings have a sticky, sweet sauce that coats every bite of chicken with the most mouthwatering flavor! Who doesn’t love wings? I have to say, wing night is right up there with taco night at my house. Everyone gets excited for wing night. The only question is which wings are we having? Nacho Wings? Salt...
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Upside Down Pineapple Chicken Thighs

These Upside Down Pineapple Chicken Thighs are covered in a sweet and slightly spicy gravy that’s so good you won’t leave any behind! I’m learning to love that sweet and spicy flavor combination that happens in so many recipes we’ve been making lately. The Sheet Pan Chicken Murphy recipe we made was my first experience with peppadew peppers – and...
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Apple Cider Mimosas

Make these Apple Cider Mimosas for the perfect Fall cocktail! With a sugared rim and a boozy kick, these mimosas will be a hit! Who says Fall cocktails have to be warm or cooked up in a crock pot? There’s a ton of cold Fall cocktails that I love serving at our Halloween parties or just sitting on the deck...
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Italian Egg Rolls

Try these Italian Egg Rolls at your next party! Italian sausage, peppers, onions and lots and lots of cheese…deep fried until crispy! Don’t be afraid of the deep fry, people. I’m not here to tell you that you should be deep frying things at every meal or every week or even once a month. But sometimes, some foods just require...
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Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders

If you’re looking for the most flavorful chicken tender ever – these Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders are the answer. Make them by the dozen for meals and snacking! If you’re an everything bagel fan, these chicken tenders are definitely for you. Or if you’re not an everything bagel fan – make them anyway because they’re flipping amazing. This everything bagel...
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