French Onion Field Goal Burger

Calling all tailgaters – I’ve got an epic burger here for the football tailgating win – a French Onion Field Goal Burger, dripping with three layers of cheese and caramelized onions, tucked in between a triple decker burger! You whip up this burger for your friends at your next tailgating party and let me tell you, by the end of the day you’re going to have a LOT of friends. Here’s the key to my tailgating parties – everything has to be pretty epic, not just a hot dog and a bun, I’m talking knock your socks off food that people go crazy over – and it has to be easy to make while you’re in the middle of a parking lot. So what’s the secret? Everything has to be done ahead of time. With the exception of grilling the actual burgers, which you’ll be doing in that parking lot, all the toppings and sides get done at home. Because you can’t just throw a burger on a bun for this tailgate party, we need a football burger here, one that makes you know you’re at the game today. And this French Onion Field Goal Burger does just that. It’s...
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Italian Fried Rice

Italian Fried Rice is my twist on a traditional fried rice, done Italian style!   Sausage, peppers and onions is one of my favorite combinations of flavors and fried rice is one of our favorite, quick weeknight dinners to make – like this BBQ Pork Fried Rice or this Hibachi Pork Fried Rice…so we make it a lot. What we’re...
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BBQ Bang Bang Burger

This BBQ Bang Bang Burger is my new favorite way to make an epic summer time burger! We’re kicking things up today with Stubb’s Original BBQ Sauce and Rubs. I’m talking a pretty off the wall burger here today. Let me break it down for you. A double decker pork sausage hamburger, dipped in a bbq bang bang sauce and...
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Horse’s Neck

This Horse’s Neck cocktail is said to be one of the best cures for a hangover. If you believe in the old saying, “the hair of the dog”, this one might be for you! I’m not saying that I need all the hangover cures in the world…. Most of the time I party along just fine. Actually I’m usually the...
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Pan Fried Beef Tacos

Once you try these Pan Fried Beef Tacos you might never make them the same way again! Pan fry a taco? For what reason? Well, I asked the same thing when Christie asked me if I wanted to try out something different for taco night. It seemed to me that it was just like a quesadilla if you make them...
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Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadillas

Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadillas are loaded with a cheesy, hamburger filling covered with bacon and tons and tons of cheese!       Cheesy filling, then covered with cheese? Yep. We’re talking lots of cheese here. Two different types of cheese for two different reasons. There’s a little bit of cream cheese in the hamburger filling for extra creaminess but also...
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The Nevada Grapefruit Martini

The Nevada Grapefruit Martini is made with rum, fresh lime and grapefruit juice – all shaken into a martini glass! The idea for this drink came up a few weeks ago when I found out that a friend of mine was coming into town from Texas. From what I was told, he loves grapefruit. He has one every day…so I thought...
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