Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up

This Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up will cover all your boozy drinks for your July 4th party! You  might even end up making more than one on the list… Blueberry Coconut Sparkler – There’s a lot of blueberry drinks going on as to be expected for the holiday – This one with a festive looking coconut rim is definitely a must try! Blueberry Strawberry Mojito – Mojitos always seem like a party! All the fresh fruit going on in this drink combined with mint and rum, you know it has to be a good one! Patriotic Panna Cotta Shooters – So these are more of a boozy dessert…but there’s nothing wrong with alcohol infused desserts especially on a holiday! And they couldn’t get more 4th of July looking so they’re perfect for this Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up. Red White and Blueberry Tequila – This drink is not only festive but it packs a punch! The tequila flavor in here shines through but the fruit flavors hide the boozy effect a little…so sip with caution! Red White and Blue Sangria – Sangria is another cocktail that always is around at parties. Add some blueberries and raspberries to this sangria and it fits right in...
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Grilled Tex Mex Avocado Toast

Try this Grilled Tex Mex Avocado Toast to spice things up at your next party! There’s nothing easier (or more tasty) than appetizers on the grill… Now that it’s grilling season, we’re grilling up everything we can. Not just steaks and burgers but we’re grilling up our appetizers too. These Grilled Tex Mex Avocado Toasts could easily turn into the main course though...
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Gourmesso Coffee Tequila Cocktail

This Gourmesso Coffee Tequila Cocktail is the best way to cool down and unwind on a warm summer day! Perfect for brunch or just kicking back on a weekend! For Father’s Day this weekend we’re going to be taking it easy. No plans. No baseball games for the kids, no cleaning, no yard work. Nothing. Because as you know there’s...
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Grilled Italian Street Corn

Grilled Italian Street Corn is my twist on a favorite side dish, this corn is cooked right on the grill and topped with my favorite flavors! Summer time always means flash parties around my neighborhood – last minute get togethers that no one really plans but just seem to come together. I guess it’s because everyone is outside more, doing...
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Orange Blossom Vodka Martini

Make this Orange Blossom Vodka Martini for a taste of summer right in your glass! Nothing too sweet here, just great flavors and quality ingredients. Summer break is coming! The kids only have a week or so left of school and the summer activities have been lined up. A few day trips, a long weekend planned and of course some...
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