Corn Dog Poutine

This Corn Dog Poutine is how we’re saying good bye to Summer this year. All of our favorite flavors right here in one dish!   It’s so sad, but it happen every year. The last couple of days of summer are here. I hate saying good-bye to my favorite season of the year but I guess we do have fun things to look forward too later on in the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…it’s all good. Family, Fun and Food = all of the things I love. BUT summer. It’s just the best that there is, summer cocktails and grilling, going on a beach vacation or just a trip down the shore which is actually a summer requirement for me. So to celebrate my favorite season of the year I bring you Corn Dog Poutine. What’s poutine, you might ask? Basically poutine is a french fry dish that’s covered in cheese curds and gravy, then you can add whatever crazy combination of meats or vegetables or even shrimp that you want to it. And the more the better.   For this recipe I used a pretty standard cheese sauce, frozen corn (or you can definitely use fresh if you have it)...
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Slow Cooker Comfort Food Dinners

Here we are getting into all the Slow Cooker Comfort Food Dinners! One of these dinners is just what you’re going to want to come home to! I’m sure you guys all have busy schedules just like we do. School, sports – some more sports – work and just life. It’s all scheduled out to the minute on our google calendars....
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Apple Mint Whiskey Iced Tea

This Apple Mint Whiskey Iced Tea is refreshing on warm Fall days, but the whiskey will still warm you up on cold Fall nights!   It’s that time of year when you can have a crazy hot 80 degree day or a really chilly 55 degree day. That’s the thing about Fall on the East coast, you never know what kind...
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Turkey Taco Meatloaf

Now enter this seriously tasty Turkey Taco Meatloaf for dinner…I guarantee there won’t be an empty plate at the dinner table tonight! What’s the deal that we’re all so obsessed with tacos? Like is there some sort of food type or dinner that other countries are obsessed about with our cuisine? Burgers and fries maybe? But most are Americans just...
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Pumpkin Glazed Cocktail Meatballs

Make a whole bunch of these Pumpkin Glazed Cocktail Meatballs for your next party! Halloween, cocktail parties, tailgating or just a tasty family dinner! There’s a lot of different appetizers that I consider a favorite of mine. Any type of meatball appetizer is one, bruschetta is another or anything really with cheese is good by me. I actually love appetizers...
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Candied Fireball Cherries

Break out these Candied Fireball Cherries for your weekend parties! Boozy, Fireball soaked cherries with a candy coating…these are going to be good. You know that I like to put the “wow” into party food. Desserts, specialty drinks, appetizers even dinner…I like when food is fun. Especially when it’s a party – the food has to match the mood. You could...
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Sugared Prosecco Grapes

Kick up dessert tonight with these Sugared Prosecco Grapes! A three ingredient, boozy dessert that’s perfect for entertaining with! This is what I’m talking about people – three ingredients to a total knock out dessert recipe. Just place a few bowls of these Sugared Prosecco Grapes out at a party and watch them disappear. And the best part is not only how...
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