Aged Frontier Farmhouse Boilermaker

This Aged Frontier Farmhouse Boilermaker is the last boilermaker that I’ve been making with Bulleit Bourbon…and I think you’re going to like this one! So when you’re starting out with a Bulleit 10 Year Bourbon you don’t want to get that crazy with the flavors you’re mixing it with. You definitely don’t want to cover up the aged bourbon flavor that took so long to come through. Make sure that you enjoy every sip of that stuff. But this is a boilermaker cocktail so I had to come up with something to pair it with. When I came across this Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale by the Boulevard Brewing Company, I knew it would be a perfect match. This ale has fruity notes like grapefruit and has a spicy, peppery finish. Bulleit 10 year finishes crisp and sweet but also has hints of spice at the end too. Now that we have similar flavor combinations going on here…it’s time to get started. Not much to the “recipe” for this Aged Frontier Farmhouse Boilermaker, it’s more about the way you’re going to make the drink. You can sip the bourbon and drink the beer one after another, which I think is the method I’d prefer with this drink. Or...
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Naked Sheet Pan Tacos

These Naked Sheet Pan Tacos are my idea of how to do a low carb taco night! No shell, just the beef and all the toppings! There’s a lot of advantages to following a low carb diet. You get to have some fattening stuff and still say that you’re on a diet. Yeah, I know that’s not really the idea behind low...
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Low Carb Cauliflower Rice Ham Risotto

Low Carb Cauliflower Rice Ham Risotto is a tasty way to use up ham after a holiday! This “mock” risotto is so good you’ll be making it all the time! First of all, we all indulge too much over the holidays, right? Or most of us do anyway…I know there’s some of you out there that keep on track all the...
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RumChata Chocolate Egg Pudding Shots

Try these RumChata Chocolate Egg Pudding Shots for your Easter desert! A boozy, crazy tasty dessert that only takes five minutes! I’m always trying to get that “Wow” factor at a party. If it’s a last minute, everyone come over or a dinner party that we’ve planned for a while, I still like to do at least one thing that is going to...
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Ten Must Make Easter Desserts

This list of Ten Must Make Easter Desserts will make it hard to decide which one to make for Easter so you might have to make a couple! We found ourselves at the point this year where we didn’t know what to do for the kids…they’re 13 and 8. Do we still hide Easter eggs and all the stuff we normally...
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S’mores Martini

We’re making a S’mores Martini tonight to get the weekend started! There’s nothing like a boozy, dessert cocktail to top dinner off on a Friday night! Boozy dessert cocktails are one of my favorite things to break out at a party. Or even just after dinner with me and the wife. But parties – with family or friends, it’s the best. They...
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