Whiskey Recipe Round Up

whiskey recipe collage 

It’s Whiskey Recipe Round Up time!

I’m always looking to see what everyone else is doing that fits into the “theme” of my week. You can definitely get ideas from what other people are doing but most of all it’s fun just to see what everyone’s cooking up!


How about these Apple Whiskey Chicken Meatballs from Inside BruCrew Life – 

Apple Whiskey Chicken Meatballs

Open Pit is a favorite BBQ sauce for my in-laws, they used to get it all the time when they lived in Chicago and for a long time they couldn’t find it here until recently. Wait until I tell them that there’s an Apple Whiskey flavor!



How about this Jack Daniel’s Bacon Mac and Cheese from White Lights on Wednesday –

 Bacon Mac & cheese

Not only is there bacon in this mac and cheese but it’s candied bacon. That’s a genius move, adding candied bacon to mac and cheese. Oh and there’s lots of Jack Daniels and lots of cheese in there too. Can’t wait to try this!


Check out this Bourbon Bacon Jam on the Cravings of a Lunatic site –

Bacon Jam 

I’ve been wanting to make Bacon Jam for a while now and just haven’t gotten to it. Bacon, vidalia onions, maple syrup and bourbon all cooked down to a sweet jam that I think would be good on pretty much everything.


Bacon Bourbon BBQ Chicken Kabobs  from Host the Toast – 

chicken kabobs

The beauty in this recipe is the marinade for the chicken. It’s bacon paste. What’s bacon paste? Glad you asked, I didn’t know either and now that I do I can’t wait to make some. You take bacon, some seasonings and brown sugar and put it all in a food processor until smooth. Then paste it all over the chicken to marinade. Then you grill them and brush them with a bourbon BBQ sauce. A must make.


I hope you give some of these recipes a try – I know I will be!

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