Our Favorite Chicken Marinade is a flavorful marinade for chicken

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade

We hope Our Favorite Chicken Marinade will become your favorite too! This super tangy, flavorful marinade recipe can be used on so many things!

You can also use this marinade recipe on pork dishes and turkey recipes too! We make this chicken on the grill or in the oven, either way it turns out amazing!

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade is a flavorful marinade for chicken

Why We Love This Chicken Marinade

So, how much chicken do you guys eat??? If you’re like us and so many people we know – the answer is A LOT.

That’s why finding the best chicken marinade recipe is so important! When you’re eating a lot of something like grilled chicken, you want the flavor to be addictive.

Our kids literally grab this chicken as soon as it comes off the grill…or even the little pieces while it’s still on the grill, sometimes they can’t wait. Or if you’re like our teenager you’ll just walk by the platter and grab yourself a whole chicken breast.

Like for a snack.

This chicken marinade is our favorite for a couple of reasons. One reason is obviously the flavor! The secret ingredient in this recipe is pickle brine. Yep, the juice from the pickle jar gets poured right into this marinade.

Don’t be freaked out if you don’t like pickles, either. Dan doesn’t like pickles and he seriously LOVES this chicken. The pickle brine adds flavor and a vinegary tang that sets this chicken apart from the rest. You really don’t taste a “pickle” flavor when you eat it, you just taste the awesomeness.

The other reason we love this marinade recipe is that it’s SUPER easy to make! Just a few simple ingredients whisked together in a bowl and you are done.

Chicken marinade picture

How Long Do You Need To Marinate The Chicken?

We like to marinate the chicken for quite a few hours before it hits the grill or the oven. You’ll want to marinate the chicken at least 6 hours but overnight will give you the best results.

Like I said before, you can bake the chicken in the oven too but it’s summer time right now and we’re all about throwing everything we can on the grill!

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade tastes best when marinated overnight

Cooking time for your chicken will depend on how big your chicken breasts are, or really whatever cut of chicken you’re using. Because you can also use this on a whole, butterflied chicken or chicken thighs or legs too.

Make sure the temperature of your chicken is at about 165 degrees so that you know it’s cooked through, but a good way to test it is by cutting into it and seeing if the juices run clear.

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade is marinade recipe that uses pickle brine

No More Dried Out Chicken Breast!

When I tell you guys that this marinade produces the most flavorful, juicy chicken I really mean it. Once your chicken comes off the grill, cover it with foil and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

Seriously look at all that juice coming from the chicken…and once you cut into it there’s even more. Because no one likes dry chicken that you have to cover in some sort of sauce or dressing to even get down. No one.

This grilled chicken needs no sauce. But if you’re a definite sauce dipper you can try it with our addicting Awesome Sauce or a honey mustard sauce like we use on our homemade pork taquitos will work too.

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade makes the juiciest chicken ever!

What Sides Can I Serve With This Chicken?

There’s plenty of side dishes to choose from, if you’re not eating this chicken straight up or cut up in a salad. Here’s a few ideas for you!

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade is a marinade recipe for chicken, pork or turkey

We hope you guys love this recipe as much as we do! It’s perfect for meal planning and lunchboxes, make a few pounds of chicken at a time and have it for the week ahead! 

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Our Favorite Chicken Marinade can be used on chicken breast, thighs or legs

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade is a marinade recipe for chicken, pork or turkey

Our Favorite Chicken Marinade

  • Author: Dan
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 6 Servings
  • Category: Marinade
  • Method: Mix
  • Cuisine: American


This super flavorful marinade makes your chicken so juicy, no more dried out chicken breasts!


1/4 cup pickle brine (from your favorite jar of pickles!)

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 tablespoon dijon mustard

1 tablespoon chopped garlic

1/4 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon kosher salt

Fresh ground black pepper to taste


Add all the ingredients to a small bowl or container.

Whisk until all ingredients are combined, then pour over chicken, pork or fish.

Marinate for at least 6 hours or overnight.


This marinade recipe is enough for about 2 pounds of chicken breasts, it can be easily doubled if you need more!

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  1. Ashley

    Seriously the BEST marinade! I didn’t alter it in any way except I added some crushed red pepper since my husband and myself like more spice. I marinated boneless skinless chicken breast that had already been butterflied for about 7 hours and then tossed on the grill. They were moist and so flavorful!! The next day I threw cold leftovers with some cauliflower rice and it was just as amazing the next day, and cold!!!

      1. Lori

        Making this for the second weekend in a row but this time is for a large group. It’s just that good!! The chicken is so flavorful as well as juicy. It’s a keeper! Thanks for the recipe!

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