Blue Moon Sangria

Blue Moon Sangria is one of my favorite ways to enjoy happy hour! Any way to get more beer into cocktails is fine by me… With the weather constantly changing here in New Jersey, one week is -1 and the next week it’s 50 degrees, I was having a hard...
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S’more Porter Boilermaker

This S’more Porter Boilermaker is kicking off Monday – the first in a series of boilermakers I’ll be making over the next couple of months so stayed tuned!   So I’ve teamed up with Bulleit to bring you some of my twists on the classic drink – The Boilermaker. If...
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Sazerac Cocktail

This Sazerac Cocktail is just what we need to get our Mardi Gras party going – a classic drink with a history that goes back to the 1800’s!   The Sazerac Cocktail is one of New Orleans oldest and most famous rye whiskeys. Like I mentioned, it dates back to the 1800’s...
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Pineapple Upside Down Shots

Pineapple Upside Down Shots taste just like the dessert but in drinkable form! Sweet but with a big kick from vanilla whiskey, these go down easy! So as I promised, the shot to go along with my boozy, Pineapple Whiskey Upside Down Cakes. These are fun shots to make, everyone...
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Moscow Mule Martini

This Moscow Mule Martini is crashing down the door of your next happy hour – all you martini fans belly up because this one’s for you! Why are martinis so much fun to drink? I really couldn’t tell you, other than the fact that actors like James Bond and Frank...
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Prosecco Holiday Pom Pom

Try a few of these Prosecco Holiday Pom Pom Cocktails, made with pomegranate liquor and cointreau, to get you in the holiday spirit this year! I think my favorite day at Christmas time is decorating the tree, since we make it a special event in our house. We have treats for the...
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Peppermint Krispies Treat Shots

Peppermint Krispies Treat Shots are a fun (and tasty) way to get your Christmas cocktail party started, and keep it going right into dessert! Boozy, edible, Christmas shot glasses. Bonus that there’s a really tasty drink inside – that’s a bonus for sure. We make all sorts of cocktails come...
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Apple Cider Mojito

This Apple Cider Mojito is like drinking Fall in a glass that you can enjoy all season long! Don’t skimp on the garnishes for this cocktail, all the flavors and smells come through with every sip. I’m always looking for more ways to use apple cider in the Fall. We always...
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Thanksgiving Cocktail Round Up

This Thanksgiving Cocktail Round Up is going to get you through the long haul – the longest dinner of the year! I mean, it’s a great food day. All the appetizers, all the desserts, the turkey. ALL the food. But we need something to wash all that food down with too...
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Island Champagne Cocktail

This Island Champagne Cocktail is going to bring us right to the islands in the most delicious way possible! We’re going back to the islands! Like soon. Two days after Thanksgiving my family and I will be sitting back on that ridiculously beautiful beach Trunk Bay, you can go back and...
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Rosemary Reposado

This Rosemary Reposado will be the perfect signature cocktail for your Holiday or Christmas party! I was asked by my friends at Hornitos® to come up with a Christmas drink using their Reposado Tequila so I grabbed my bottle of tequila and started mixing… It’s hard sometimes to get the right...
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