Foolproof Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

These Foolproof Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes will make your special dinner even better! Make delicious dinner at home instead fighting holiday crowds!

We’ve got some great cocktail ideas, too! Try this Mississippi Mud Pie Martini for a chocolate treat, or a Blood Orange Gin Martini to get the party started!

Going out to restaurants on Valentine’s Day can be good. Romantic, fancy, no one has to do the dishes…but it can also go another way…

Restaurants are crowded, service can be poor and the food can sometimes not be up to the usual quality you would get on a normal night going out to eat.

How To Have A Perfect Dinner Date At Home!

So my solution? Make your Valentine a home cooked meal they won’t forget! Even a beginner in the kitchen can make the dinner recipes I’m going to show you here. All you need to know how to do is follow the directions!

Need more dinner inspiration? Check out our Dinner Category Menu, then head over to our Appetizer Menu to start the night off, lastly our Dessert Menu to end up the evening on a sweet note.

BUT don’t forget – the Cocktail Menu! Everything from champagne cocktails to tequila drink to martinis!

We think dinner should be more than just the main course, so try and include one of our famous Side Dishes too. Once you start planning your menu ahead of time with recipes that you can make ahead of time, making dinner at home will be a snap.

For Valentine’s Day or any holiday, making dinner shouldn’t be stressful. Because once you’ve got everything from appetizers to dessert covered, you’ll have plenty of tie to relax and enjoy your own party too!

For just a few of the kitchen tools used to make the dinner recipes in this post, check out the Amazon links below, we may earn a small commission from your purchase – at no extra cost to you – so happy shopping!

Foolproof Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes

This mouth watering beef stew recipe will blow your Valentine away! An easy, make ahead stew recipe that will make date night dinner a breeze!

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Winner winner - you know the rest. Easy chicken dinner recipes don't get much tastier than this one, I will admit chicken marsala is one of my favorite dinners ever.

But this chicken marsala recipe is the ultimate. Tender chicken, real marsala wine and finished with a touch of cream...you can't beat it!

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If you have a few minutes in the morning, you can get this crock pot pot roast recipe together and have it waiting for you by dinner time.

This pot roast is so delicious served with a side of mashed potatoes or crispy homemade french fries...

All you need to do is is open up the wine!

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This is one of those recipes that looks like is was hard to make, but really isn't. So if you're looking to really impress your Valentine, this chicken dinner will not disappoint!

One bit of this chicken rollatine and your date will be in hooked!

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This cheesy pasta recipe only bakes for 30 minutes AND uses frozen meatballs from the store to save even more time. But again, you can make this up the night before too and bake it while you and your Valentine are sipping on champagne.

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We make this dinner a lot - our kids LOVE it. As easy as this sheet pan dinner is, it's still special enough for date night. The slightly spicy peppers mixed with gravy, sausage and potatoes is the perfect combination!

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This soup recipe can be served as an appetizer or the main course. The shredded short ribs in this soup slow cook to make the most amazing broth, your Valentine will think your a five star chef.

Even though there are a few steps involved, this soup recipe is still easy to make! The best part is that is can all be done before your guest arrives, then bake it off in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and dinner is served.

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Comfort food pasta recipes like this one are always going to be a winner date night dinner. The sausage is cooked in a special way and blended into a super creamy sauce so you get tons of sausage in every bite.

This is one of our family favorite pasta recipes!

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Now if you really want to impress your date with almost ZERO effort...make this steak recipe. The chimichurri sauce only take 5 minutes to make - so make it ahead of time, grill your steak and dinner takes care of itself!

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Maybe you want to keep dinner super easy and low carb too? Then this beef stir fry is the way to go. Grab some chop sticks and a bottle of crisp white wine (or sake) for this one!

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Now I know what you're going to say...meatloaf for a dinner date?

Yes. If it's this one. Maybe you're even having your Valentine's Day dinner at home with the kids, too? This meatloaf recipe is a HUGE hit with boys, and also everyone we make it for.

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Shrimp is always a solid choice for date night dinner at home, especially when it looks as good as this recipe does.

These slightly spicy, peanut flavored shrimp meatballs are so good, they'd be a hit at any dinner party!

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Fan of lamb? Then you have to try this lamb chop recipe. The gravy is made with dark beer and onions, cooked down for a couple of hours in the oven until the lamb chops are super tender.

Serve this lamb recipe with lots of ice cold beer or a nice red wine to wash it down!

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