Vodka Cocktails for Summer

There’s nothing like sitting down with an ice-cold drink on a hot day. These Vodka Cocktails for Summer are guaranteed to keep you cool as you relax at the beach or on the porch!

vodka cocktail collection

What Vodka Brand is Best For Making Vodka Cocktails?

When you’re looking for a bottle of vodka to make vodka cocktails, it’s best to stay away from the most expensive stuff when it comes to mixed drinks. Look instead for vodkas made from quality ingredients without the high price tag. Chopin, Tito’s and Absolute are solid but affordable brands that work just as well as the pricey stuff.

Should I Keep Vodka in the Fridge?

Lots of people choose to keep their vodka in the fridge or freezer, but you don’t have to. Once again, the little changes in taste and texture that come from freezing or chilling your alcohol get lost when it’s mixed with other things. Most cocktails are chilled anyway, so it’s really up to you.

What’s A Good Mixer For Vodka?

A favorite ingredient in many vodka cocktails is fruit juice. Some of the most popular juices tend to be more tart than sweet. Think orange juice, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice, all of which have a sharpness to the flavor that pairs so well with vodka. You can also go with a lemon or lime soda to get that same tartness along with a bubbly fizz of carbonation.

What’s A Good Swap Out For Vodka?

For many of these vodka drinks, you can substitute another type of alcohol. Gin can be a good swap out, depending on the flavor profile of the drink. Light rum is also a good choice, and in some cases you can even use a blanco tequila. Again, it depends on which one of these cocktails that you’re making, but definitely experiment with the flavors!

blackberry vodka punch with mint garnish

Blackberry Vodka Punch

This fun vodka punch is perfect for all your backyard BBQ’s and parties!

seabreeze cocktail with citrus garnish

Sea Breeze Cocktail

This refreshing Sea Breeze Cocktail can be served for happy hour or brunch! Make it by the glass or whip up a whole pitcher for parties!

Make a pitcher of this BLue Moon Sangria for your next cocktail party!

Blue Moon Sangria

This fun beer and vodka sangria recipe is perfect for serving at parties!

Spiked Strawberry Lemonade Shots

This fun and easy shot recipe will be a huge party hit! Refreshing, strawberry flavor mixed with vodka will taste as good as they look!

vanilla peach cosmopolitan cocktail with vanilla bean on top

Vanilla Peach Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Shake up this Vanilla Peach Cosmopolitan Cocktail for happy hour tonight! A fresh twist on a classic drink… that makes a lot of appearances in our house.

sex on the beach cocktail with garnish

Sex On The Beach

A classic Sex on the Beach drink never goes out of style! This strong but fruity cocktail will give you the full beach vibe!

a smore's martini with toasted marshmallow garnish

S’mores Martini

This fun, dessert martini is always a hit! Whether you’re serving them up around a campfire or sitting inside by the fireplace!

pink vodka cocktail garnished with maraschino cherries

Dirty Shirley

Make this super tasty Dirty Shirley cocktail for happy hour tonight! Just like the childhood drink we all remember, but spiked for the adults!

a moscow mule with champagne in cooper glass

Champagne Moscow Mule

This tasty twist on a classic Moscow Mule uses champagne to add a bubbly treat!

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