10 Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes for New Years & Cocktail Parties!

10 Easy Champagne Cocktail Recipes for New Years & Cocktail Parties!

These easy champagne cocktail recipes are perfect for your New Year’s Eve celebration or for any cocktail party! Choose your favorite champagne drinks or try them all!

Champagne Cocktail Recipes is a collection of champagne drinks for the holidays


Today we’re rounding up our favorite champagne cocktail recipes for holiday parties or any cocktail party!

Because, let’s face it. Champagne isn’t just for the holidays.

Champagne drinks, or champagne alone does scream party or a special occasion, but around my house it could be just a Tuesday.

Obviously we’re not popping 40 dollar corks on a Tuesday, but there are some great bottles of prosecco that you can buy for 10 bucks or so.

And 10 bucks we can afford to indulge on, so we do.

Champagne is perfectly fine all on it’s own but champagne cocktails are even better! Kicking a champagne drink up a few notches is always better in my opinion.

And since we seem to have done quite a few champagne cocktails on the site here so far, we thought we should gather them up so you have lots to choose from!

How Many Glasses of Champagne Are In a Bottle?

It does depend on the size glass your pouring. If it’s a typical champagne flute, you’ll get about 5 glasses to one bottle. If you’re pouring champagne in a wine glass like we do sometimes, you’ll get around 4.

Another reason why trying one of these champagne cocktail recipes is perfect – you get to stretch that bottle of champagne a little further…


Island Champagne Cocktail

Make this Island Champagne Cocktail for your next happy hour!

These champagne drinks are going to steal the show at brunch! But don’t be afraid to serve these cocktails for happy hour or any party – New Year’s Eve drinks need to be a little lighter so these Island Champagne Cocktails will do the trick! AND a little hair of the dog for New Year’s drinks…you’ve got this.


Champagne Mule

This twist on a Moscow Mule will be a cocktail party favorite! We’ve swapped out the ginger beer for champagne, and it works so good you might not go back!

But we did keep a slight ginger flavor in this champagne drink by adding a ginger liquor too.


Apple Cider Mimosa

These Apple Cider Mimosas are a super tasty, Fall cocktail!

Mimosas aren’t just for breakfast anymore! Although, breakfast cocktails are highly underrated in my opinion. Serve these delicious fall inspired mimosas for brunch cocktails or for happy hour.

It won’t matter what time of day you serve these champagne mimosas, they’re going to go down super easy.


Cranberry Whisky Sparkler


This is one of our new favorite cocktails made with Crown Royal Regal Apple and champagne. Serve this whiskey cocktail to some friends that say they don’t like whiskey, you’ll change a few minds for sure.


Prosecco Holiday Pom Pom

This Prosecco Holiday Pom Pom is your go-to cocktail for the holidays!

This champagne drink looks as festive as it tastes! With pomegranate juice and fresh pomegranate seeds this cocktail looks perfect right next to the Christmas tree! And don’t forget Christmas morning brunch!


Champagne Margarita

champagne mararitas top

Fresh lime juice and Christie’s famous margarita recipe topped off with champagne. Who would have thought that champagne and tequila goes so well together?

Well now you do, so start shaking up a few.


Grapefruit Beer Bellini

grapefruit beer bellini

Dude drink? Maybe you think champagne isn’t a cool drink for guys? I’ve got zero problems downing a few glasses of champagne myself, but if you want to try champagne and beer mixed together, this is your chance.

Paired with a tasty grapefruit beer, this champagne drink is going to surprise you!


Champagne Sangria


You can make a champagne cocktail bar for making sangria! This is such a fun way to get your guests involved in making their own sangria cocktails. Christmas drinks or New Years Eve drinks can get a little out of hand at parties sometimes, so set up this Champagne Sangria bar and your guests can serve themselves!

Jam Toast Cocktail


Having a brunch? These champagne and jam cocktails are so fun to make, or serve as a champagne bar! Set out different types of good quality jam and let your guests pick their own flavors!


RumChata Creamsicle Champagne


These champagne cocktails are going to be the hit of your New Year’s Day or Christmas morning brunch! This boozy version of a mimosa will get the day started off right!

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