Mother’s Day Cocktail Recipes

These Mother’s Day Cocktail Recipes are going to be a hit with any mom! Choose one or a couple of these delicious cocktails to get the party started!

Give mom the works! Try our Ultimate CHICKEN MARSALA for dinner or a steak on the grill with our FAVORITE STEAK MARINADE!

Mother's Day Cocktail Recipes is a collection of cocktails for mother's day or any holiday

However you celebrate your Mother’s Day, we’ve got the drinks covered! But definitely check out our RECIPE MENU for dinner ideas, side dish options and even dessert!

Whether you’re hosting brunch, lunch or dinner, on Mother’s Day we think mom deserves a cocktail…or two. So let’s get started!

Island Champagne Cocktail

Island Champagne Cocktail starts off with fruit juices and amaretto

Pour mom a few of these champagne cocktails and she’ll feel like she’s on a tropical vacation! These champagne cocktails are kicked up with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and a splash of Amaretto – even a recipe for homemade Amaretto if you want to give it a try!

Watermelon Rosé Slushie

Watermelon Rosé Slushie is a fresh watermelon cocktail with rosé wine

Talk about a show stopper…any mom is going to LOVE these rosé cocktails. They’re cool, refreshing, and perfect for sipping on all day long. There’s no added sugar in these rosé cocktails, the only sweetness is from the fresh watermelon.

Blood Orange Mimosa

Blood Orange Mimosa is a mimosa recipe with tequila and blood orange juice

If you’re having brunch for Mother’s Day, then you HAVE to try these mimosas with blood orange juice and a splash of tequila! Tequila for mom, you say???

Come on, now. Mom was probably drinking tequila before you knew what it even was. There’s no reason to stop now!

Vanilla Peach Cosmopolitan

Vanilla Peach Cosmopolitan is a martini recipe with vodka and peach flavors

This twist on a Cosmopolitan recipe has the essence of peach and a fresh vanilla bean. Definitely don’t leave that fresh vanilla bean out, either. out either. The fresh vanilla flavor really makes this whole martini!

Blackberry Vodka Punch

Blackberry Vodka Punch is a vodka punch recipe for parties

This vodka punch recipe is so perfect for parties! You can make it ahead of time and just add the soda at the end, right before serving. This punch recipe also makes a ton of punch so feel free to invite all the mom’s you know over!


Campfire Milk Punch

Campfire Milk Punch is a RumChata cocktail made with bourbon

If you’ve never tried a cocktail like this milk punch before, now is the time. Some might think that milk in a cocktail recipe is strange…but just think of it as a boozy, melted milkshake.

The flavors of bourbon and cinnamon work so well with RumChata, this Mother’s Day drink recipe is SURE to be a hit!

Spicy Pineapple Margarita

This Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Margarita has a little heat, but a little sweet too!

There’s no reason that we can’t shake up a few margaritas for Mother’s Day! I know my mom likes a good margarita every now and then so maybe your does too.

These fresh pineapple margaritas aren’t too spicy, but you can make them as spicy or mild as you like. Or as your mom likes, I should say.

Seven Seas Martini – 

Seven Seas Martini Recipe | Amaretto and Blue Curacao Cocktail

Make this martini recipe in large quantities because they’ll be gone in a flash! The tropical flavors of blue curacao and Amaretto make you feel like you’re sitting on your favorite beach.

This martini is another recipe that we use our HOMEMADE AMARETTO in, so definitely give it a try!


Pineapple Upside Down Shots – 

Pineapple Upside Down Shots | Easy & Tasty Shots Perfect for Summer

Who’s up for shots? Everyone will be raising their hand when you break out these fun, fruity pineapple flavored drinks! This shot recipe is more on the sweet side with a splash of booze so they’re going to be a win with just about everyone.


Mississippi Mud Pie Martini

This Mississippi Mud Pie Martini is a martini recipe that can be served for dessert

If mom is a chocolate fan, then you have to try this chocolate martini recipe! You can serve this martini for happy hour or for a dessert cocktail, totally up to you.

Either way, the smooth chocolate flavors shaken together with RumChata and fresh chocolate shavings are going to taste as good as this martini looks!


Blood Orange Rosemary Gin Martini

Blood Orange Rosemary Gin Martini with orange slices and shaker

We have to have a nod here to our friend, gin. There’s really nothing like a good gin and tonic with fresh lime in the summer – or any time of year.

But when you take a sip of this gin martini recipe you’re going to wonder where this cocktail has been all your life.


Bourbon Grapefruit Sidecar

Try a Bourbon Grapefruit Sidecar for cocktail hour tonight!

This bourbon cocktail works for all times of the day, so don’t be afraid to break out the bourbon for breakfast or lunch! Brunch cocktails don’t have to only be about champagne!

And come on, we’ve got grapefruit in this cocktail, too so that’s an acceptable breakfast food. It’s really perfect.

S’Mores Martini

Roasted marshmallows garnish this dessert Martini!

Here’s another dessert martini for you, this S’mores Martini is going to be a home run with mom, guaranteed! Toast up those marshmallows over a fire pit or right on your gas stove burner.

Either way, that charred marshmallow flavor is going to make this martini taste just like a liquid version of a s’mores.


RumChata Blackberry Fool – 

A RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChat drink that has only a few simple ingredients

Ok so don’t be calling your mom a fool – this cocktail is a take on a raspberry fool dessert. This blackberry cocktail gets its creaminess from RumChata muddled with fresh blackberries.

It’s a super simple, super delicious cocktail that anyone is sure to love! You can switch up the berries in here with raspberries or strawberries, too!

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