A RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChata drink made with fresh blackberries

RumChata Blackberry Fool

This RumChata Blackberry Fool cocktail is on the menu tonight! The sweet, rich flavor the blackberries add to this RumChata drink is out of this world! 

We love making all kinds of cocktails with RumChata! Try our Cinnamon Toast Crunch or this Campfire Milk Punch (awesome for tailgating or sitting by a bonfire) Or for a summer time dessert, this Blueberry Granita is going to steal the show!

A RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChat drink that has only a few simple ingredients

RumChata is one of those spirits that just works all the time.

You can make a RumChata drink for any season, any holiday or just sitting back and sipping on a poured glass of RumChata all by yourself.

Because it just goes with everything.

This RumChata Blackberry Fool drink was inspired by a dessert I had recently, a raspberry fool. A raspberry fool is a no-bake dessert with fresh raspberries, cream and a little bit of booze.

I swapped out the raspberries for blackberries in this cocktail and of course, we’ve got the booze covered.

RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChata drink that is made by muddling fresh berries

The RumChata is standing in for the cream and the booze, and I feel like it’s creamy enough on it’s own so there’s no need to add more cream to the drink.

Also we’ve got blackberry brandy that is muddled up with fresh blackberries that goes on the bottom of this cocktail, you can stir it in or leave it on the bottom so you get a little with every sip.

What Other Kinds Of Berries Can You Use In This RumChata Drink?

You can use lots of different types of berries in this drink! Raspberries, of course. Blueberries or strawberries will work too! Try adding fresh herbs for an extra level of flavor like mint or rosemary even.

What you want to stay away from is citrus when mixing with RumChata but I think we’ve got enough to choose from!

So after you get the blackberries muddled with the liquor, add a couple of tablespoons to the bottom of a glass then pour in RumChata to top it off.

RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChata drink made with blackberry liquor and RumChata

Want To Take This Cocktail On The Go?

Because we always need travel cocktails!

It’s so easy to do, this is really fun cocktail for tailgating or bringing to a party or to serve at your own party – but made ahead of time!

Muddle the berries with the blackberry liquor and then stash those into a container for when you’re ready. Grab your bottle of RumChata and you are out the door.

Mint is a great garnish for this drink like I said before but it’s so delicious as is. When it’s time for happy hour just pour your RumChata and serve.

A RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChata drink made with fresh blackberries

The perfectly smooth, creamy texture of this drink really makes it a great cocktail for any time of the year! Swap out the berries like we mentioned before to add what’s in season and then switch our the liquor accordingly.

There’s pretty much a fruit flavored liquor for every type of fruit and berry…believe me, I have looked!

RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChata cocktail that has muddled fresh blackberries

This RumChata Blackberry Fool is a simple, yet elegant cocktail that everyone is going to love!

Looking For More RumChata Drink Recipes?

A RumChata Blackberry Fool is a RumChat drink that has only a few simple ingredients

RumChata Blackberry Fool

  • Author: Dan
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 drink 1x
  • Category: Cocktails
  • Method: Shake
  • Cuisine: American


This RumChata drink is going to be a hit at any party! Serve this up as a dessert cocktail or a fun, signature cocktail!


8 fresh blackberries

1/2 ounce blackberry liquor

4 ounces RumChata


Add the blackberries to a small bowl along with the blackberry liquor. Muddle until the berries are broken down but not completely liquid.

Add the berry mixture to the bottom of a cocktail glass.

Top the berry mixture with crushed ice, then pour in the RumChata to top off the glass.

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