Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up

This Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up will keep your party going all day! Maybe even try a few of these holiday cocktails to give your guests a choice!

We love serving fun drink recipes like our famous DUCK FART SHOT or this refreshing SEVEN SEAS MARTINI!

Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up

There’s nothing better than a good old BBQ on the Fourth of July. For some of us it’s the official kick off to summer, school’s out, maybe a lighter schedule and lots more cocktails on the deck!

I love making all the classic BBQ foods too like Buddha’s Baked Beans and these Sticky Root Beer Ribs. Throw in some potato salad and sides and you’re good to go.

But now – let’s move on to the drinks. Besides the keg you’ve got cooling in the shade and various bottles of wine chilling, you’ve got to have a signature cocktail. OR TWO.

I vote for two because you want to try and please everyone who’s there…and have a variety of things to taste. Ubers will be called after you leave my house, unless you’re lucky enough to live in walking distance.


RumChata Strawberry Lemonade

This Frozen Rumchata Strawberry Lemonade is boozy and delicious!

What’s going to be more fun to look at and to drink than this? Boozy, fruity and easy to make. This drinks hits all the sweet spots.


Red White and Blueberry Tequila

cocktail with blueberries and straw

This drink is not only festive but it packs a punch! The tequila flavor in here shines through but the fruit flavors hide the boozy effect a little…so sip with caution!


Watermelon Margarita Shooters

Cinco de Mayo Tequila Cocktails - Watermelon Margarita Shooters

The fresh watermelon in these shooters really give the drink a crazy tasty flavor. And again…sip with care because you wont’ even realize how boozy these shooters really are!


Watermelon Rosé Slushie

watermelon rosé slushie

Rosé all day, Rosé all night, Rosé every weekend…kind of the way it goes at my house. Now Christie and her friends I think have tried every rosé that’s been on a shelf somewhere in the state of New Jersey, so they know they’re stuff. They prefer a dry rosé, not a sweet one so this slushie is also not too sweet, just perfect.


Red White and Blue Mojito

Red White and Blue Mojito with flags and garnish

Doesn’t get much more patriotic than this drink! Loaded with fresh fruit (and rum) this one will sneak up on you so make sure you’re being the bartender when these get handed out!


Watermelon Margarita Shooters

watermelon margarita shooters with limes

You said tequila shots? I’m listening. These shots are way more tequila than fruit juice, trust me. But the fresh watermelon juice adds a really nice flavor to the tequila so it’s a shot that you can actually have more than once.


Blueberry Vodka Cooler

Blueberry and vodka cocktail

I’ve got the blue for your red white and blue party! This vodka cooler is as refreshing as it is potent. You can layer in some raspberries or strawberries too!


Red White and Blue Shooters

red white and blue shots for July Fourth

If you think you can’t tackle a layered shot, think again. It’s really easy when you pour it over the back of a spoon like I did in this Duck Fart Shot. Oh yeah, a Duck Fart. You can make those too – even if they aren’t the right colors, it’s a super tasty shot!

So make one, or a few of these drinks in my Fourth of July Cocktail Round Up, grab some food and crank up the tunes, Summer has officially started!

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