Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings close up in a black dish with a red towel

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings

This Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings recipe makes fall off the bone tender chicken wings! The sauce is sticky, sweet & crazy addicting. Perfect for sharing on game day!

We love easy chicken recipes like these wings! Also be sure to check out our baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings!

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings are a crock pot chicken wing recipe

An Easy Chicken Recipe For Appetizers Or Dinner!

You know it’s a good night when chicken wings are on the menu. Chicken wing recipes are perfect for appetizers or dinner, and there’s really no difference. It just depends on how much of them you eat.

These Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings are so easy to make too, you’re not going to believe it. I mean, seriously, check out those wings, do they look like they came out of a slow cooker?

The slow cooker will make these chicken wings very tender, almost fall off the bone but not that far. Then you’re going to pop these wings under your broiler to get them slightly crispy at the end.

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings are a chicken wing recipe that cooks from frozen in your slow cooker

Can I Use Frozen Chicken For Crock Pot Chicken Wings?

OK now, are you ready for your mind to be blown? One of the reasons that a slow cooker is awesome for this recipe is that you start off with frozen chicken wings. Yes, you can dump frozen chicken wings right in your crock pot without defrosting them!

This is something new to me, we’ve always bought fresh wings never the frozen ones. This is one of the reasons why I love trying new recipes, you really do learn something new all the time!

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings are a crock pot chicken wing recipe with a sweet and tangy sauce

What Is Sweet Chili Sauce?

Sweet chili sauce is a popular Asian condiment and I have to tell you, we use it all the time. Our boys add it to stir fry recipes, fried rice and even certain soup recipes!

Even though it says “chili” it is more of a sweet sauce, not spicy. There is a hint of spice to it, but you’re going to find that the sweet flavors overtake the spiciness.

So let’s talk about the sauce on these wings for a minute here. It’s just a few ingredients – honey, sweet chili sauce, teriyaki glaze and soy sauce. All things we always seem to have in our refrigerator so it couldn’t be easier to make!

When these wings come out of the slow cooker you’re going to brush the sauce all over them and then pop them under the broiler to crisp them up.

After the broiler, get another coat of sauce on the wings and serve. With lots of napkins.

Don’t even think about the napkins until the end, when you’re done eating. Just keep eating because these chicken wings are so saucy you’ll go through too many. The important part here is how many you can get before your family or friends get to them first.

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings start cooking in your slow cooker then finish off under the broiler to crisp them up

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Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings in a black dish and black background

Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings

  • Author: Dan
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 4 hours
  • Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Slow Cooker
  • Cuisine: American


These Slow Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken Wings are fall off the bone tender! The sauce is sticky and sweet and crazy addicting!


3 lbs. frozen chicken wings

1/4 cup soy sauce

Salt and black pepper to taste

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup sweet chili sauce

1/4 cup teriyaki glaze

1/4 cup chopped parsley


Season the wings with salt and pepper generously and add the a slow cooker.

Pour the soy sauce over the wings, cover and cook on high for 3 to 4 hours, low for 6 to 8 hours.

Combine the honey, chili sauce and teriyaki glaze in a bowl.

Preheat the broiler.

When the wings are done, remove them from the slow cooker (leaving behind any juice) and place them on a foil lined baking sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

Brush the wings with sauce and broil 5 minutes, watching carefully so the wings don’t burn.

Remove the wings from the oven, brush with more sauce and garnish with chopped parsley (optional)

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    Hello. My broiler is temporarily out but I would love to make this for the game Sunday. Can i skip that step or bake for a few minutes after I spread sauce on wings? Any tips would be great. Thank you😊

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    Hello! Wings sound great but can you crock pot this sauce with chicken breasts? Looking to meal prep with the Thai chili sauce and chicken breasts. Thanks for your help!

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