The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole

We’re calling this The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole for good reason! One bite of this cheesy, brussels sprouts recipe and you’ll be hooked!

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The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole is a brussel sprout recipe that is baked with bacon and cream

Here’s a secret…I never used to be a big fan of is brussels sprouts. Also I’m confused, brussel sprouts casserole or brussels sprouts casserole?

The correct spelling is “Brussels Sprouts”, but I get it if you don’t add the “s at the end. It doesn’t really seem to flow.

Brussels do sort of get a bad rap as far as vegetables go. Kids don’t usually like them and I’d say maybe 50/50 adults are going to say they like them or hate them.

Used to be a hater. Now I’m a lover. But try one bite of The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole and you’ll be converted for life!

What Makes This The Best Brussels Sprouts Recipe?

There are a few tricks to making this brussels sprouts recipe THE BEST.

The trick to making this recipe the best, in my opinion, is the way the sprouts are cut. They are sliced into thin pieces, or shaved, so that you’re not biting into a big giant sprout. The texture that this creates also allows the shaved sprouts to absorb the sauce and flavors better than larger pieces.

And of course bacon. Because any brussel sprouts recipe with bacon is always going to be a home run.

The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole is a casserole recipe made with shaved brussel sprouts, bacon, cheese and cream

Another reason, besides the flavor is that this casserole recipe is SO easy to make, you won’t be saving it just for the holidays! We make this recipe as a side to our regular dinner all the time.

How Do You Make This Casserole Recipe?

Get those shaved sprouts and mix them together with bacon bits (or crumbled bacon) cream and shredded cheese. Top it off with panko bread crumbs and bake.

Easy as heck, am I right? But it’ll taste like you were in the kitchen for hours…you’ll get your pats on the back for this one guys.

The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole is a creamy brussel sprout recipe baked with a crispy bread crumb topping

This Brussels Sprouts Casserole can be served with almost any dinner. Need a Thanksgiving side? Well here you go. Easy, make ahead, crazy flavored casserole that will be a hit with everyone!

Can You Make This Brussels Sprouts Casserole Ahead Of Time?

You can, that’s what makes this recipe perfect for the holidays! Follow the recipe to the end, right before baking. Cover with foil and store in your refrigerator until you’re ready.

Bring the casserole out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking, then bake per the instructions. It’s as easy as that!

The Best Brussels Spouts Casserole recipe is made with chopped brussel sprouts, bacon, cream and cheese topped with breadcrumbs

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brussels sprouts casserole collage for pinterest

The Best Brussels Sprouts Casserole on a spoon

The Best Brussels Sprout Casserole

  • Author: Dan
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 25
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x

This cheesy, bacony, creamy brussels sprouts casserole is going to be your family favorite too! A tasty side dish that works with a holiday meal or everyday dinner!



2 lb. brussels sprouts

1 cup fresh bacon bits (or fresh cooked bacon, chopped)

2 cups shredded white cheddar cheese, divided

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/2 cup panko bread crumbs

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil.

Trim the ends of the brussels sprouts, cut the sprouts in half, then add them to the water once it comes to a boil.

Boil the sprouts for 7-8 minutes, until just tender. Drain and let cool.

Slice the brussels into thin pieces then add to a large bowl.

Mix together with 1 cup of the cheese, the cream, the bacon bits, salt and pepper.

Pour into a 9 x 13 inch baking dish and cover with the remaining cup of cheese and the bread crumbs.

Bake for 25 minutes until the casserole is bubbling and the bread crumbs are brown.

  • Category: side dish
  • Method: oven
  • Cuisine: American

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46 Responses
  1. De nise

    I’ve been looking for a recipe to make me like Brussels sprouts. This sounds good but I am vegetarian. How important is the bacon? Could I substitute something in lieu of the bacon?

    1. Dan

      I”m always going to say that the bacon important…:) You could leave it out though and add some extra seasonings like smoked paprika maybe?

    2. VicToria

      I too Am a vegetarian. I made this recipe with plant based bacon. It won’t be as crisp as real bacon but it does the job!

    3. Rebecca

      This was such an easy and delicious recipe. I only had regular breadcrumbs in my pantry so I dotted a bit of butter on top. That was the only change. My hubbie and 9 year old loved it! Will make again for sure.

  2. Diena CAMERON

    I just know IT’S going to be a 5 star dish and i can’t wait to try it. I adore brussel sprouts anyway so this is right up my ally, especially with bacon, cream and cheese !!! Sounds like the perfect side dish or main meal…..maybe even for dessert !! Thanks so much for this recipe, I’ll be back when give made it to let you know what i think ????

  3. Valerie

    My mom told us she wants us to steer clear of our traditional side dishes for Thanksgiving this year. This recipe for the win! Can’t wait to make it!

  4. Patty

    I have everything but cream. I do have sour cream and milk or evaporated milk and regular cheddar cheese. Will these ingredients work ???

    1. Dan

      If you have whole milk I’d say that’s ok. It will be a little thinner but if it’s anything less than whole milk I’d use the evaporated milk instead. And the regular cheddar cheese will work just fine!

  5. Matthew

    Yum! A big hit at family thanksgiving today. I used a 1/2 cup light cream & 1/2 cup sour cream along with cheese & bacon. I put the che se on top, added French fried onions instead of panko.

  6. Melissa

    I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. Making it again for Christmas Eve dinner. My nephew saud definitely yes bring it!! I doubled the ingredients except the sprouts, used a pound of bacon because it’s bacon and it was fine. I do Keto so I used crushed pork rinds. Funny thing is…I thought I didn’t like Brussels sprouts!!
    Merry Christmas

  7. Robyn

    I made this casserole and it is certainly delicious. The only thing I changed was how I prepped the Brussel Sprouts. I halved them but steamed them rather than boil. I am not a fan of boiling veggies. The rest of the recipe I followed exactly. My husband siad “this is a keeper”

    1. Dan

      You could try buying the shredded brussels sprouts, I worry that the texture might be mushy, but it might be delicious!

  8. RacheL

    I made this tonight and SUCCESS! Everyone loved it. The only thing I modified was instead of 1/2 cup of cream I added 1 pint, and I mixed in a little of the panko with the Brussel sprout mix. I also left out the salt since the bacon is pretty salty. SO FREAKIN GOOD!

  9. Cindy

    Do you think roasting the brussels vs boiling, slicing and assembling the casserole would work? Love roasted brussel sprouts. Can’t wait to make this!

    1. Dan

      I think that could work, although the sprouts would be firmer/crispier rather than soft as in this casserole recipe. But you can certainly try it!

  10. Ann

    Making this for dinner tomorrow night. Do you think I could put chicken in it? I am thinking of having this for our main meal with a salad. I would leave out the bacon.

    1. Dan

      So I’m not sure how it would turn out. Of course you can add the chicken (I’d still leave the bacon in there though!) but it might make for a drier casserole. Why not just make as is and bake some chicken on the side?

  11. Eileen

    I am not a sprouts lover but WOW …. JUST LOVE THIS recipe, I did tomato sausages with it ….easy,tasty & none left.
    I added JUST a little more cream to it…….yum yum

  12. michelle

    Has anyone uses any milder cheeses in this casserole? Uncle only does mozzeralla? Has anyone used regular medium orange cheddar? Any problems. If I want to half this recipe how long would you say to cook it for?

    1. Dan

      We, personally haven’t tried it with orange cheddar cheese but if you do want to cut the recipe in half it’ll still take about 20 minutes int the oven.

  13. Sheila

    I’m not a huge brussels sprouts fan but my husband is. I made this for him and it was fabulous! I think I liked it better than he did. Even though the sprouts are sliced up thin, the flavor of the sprouts is really, really tasty!! Topping adds great texture.

  14. Mandy

    Found you on pinterest. Originally pinned this as a Thanksgiving side but decided to make it a main dish last night by adding chicken! Added garlic and, taking others advice, also used french fried onions. Delicious!! Thank you for helping me to use up brussels sprouts and keep it exciting!

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