Beefy Tomato Soup is a total comfort dinner, full of pasta and beef in a creamy tomato broth!

Beefy Tomato Soup

This Beefy Tomato Soup is one of our most popular soup recipes! It’s not only super delicious, but it’s an easy soup recipe that can be made on busy nights!

If you like making soup as much as we do, try our Copycat Campbells’ Tomato Soup! Or if you’re looking for a low carb soup, then try this Pork Egg Roll Soup or our Low Carb Sausage Vegetable Soup!

Beefy Tomato Soup is ta beef and noodle soup recipe

Soup is a regular meal in our house. I have to tell you, we make it all the time, no matter what the season.

It’s an easy one pot dinner that you can make ahead of time and have waiting for you for at the end of that day. Also soup recipes like this one are easy and fast enough to get ready at the last minute!

This Beefy Tomato Soup can be on the table, piping hot in just 30 minutes.

Beefy Tomato Soup is a quick soup recipe with beef and noodles

Because I like to try and use what we have in the house, I opened the freezer, the fridge and all the cabinets to take stock of what we had on hand.

I grabbed some ground beef from the freezer, cream cheese from the fridge, onions, basil and garlic from the cabinets and got to work.

Beefy Tomato Soup is a beef soup recipe with a creamy tomato broth

Usually, we use crushed tomatoes to make tomato soup but this time we were out. Maybe I’m running to the store today, but maybe not.

Instead of running out to the store AGAIN, I grabbed a jar of pasta sauce from the shelf.

This soup recipe is another way I like to use spaghetti sauce in recipes as a short cut and a boost of flavor. And probably one of my favorite ways, too.

Maybe it was a good thing that we were out because this Beefy Tomato Soup is now a regular dinner recipe at our house, our boys absolutely love it!

It’s so simple, a soup with ground beef and pasta, floating in a creamy tomato broth…you really can’t beat the comforting flavor of this soup recipe.

How Do You Make Beefy Tomato Soup?

Gather your ingredients together and start by cooking the onion and garlic in olive oil. Next brown the beef, add a few seasonings then pour in chicken broth and your jar of marinara sauce.


You can still make this soup if you don’t have a jar of spaghetti sauce, just substitute a 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce if that’s what you have instead.

Give it a stir and let it simmer for 10 minutes, not a full boil, just a simmer.

Stir in cream cheese to make it nice and thick, add some fresh basil and finally – pour in the pasta. The soup will thicken up as a result of the pasta cooking in it.

Can You Cook the Pasta Separately For This Soup?

You sure can.

If you like this Beefy Tomato Soup more “brothy” then cook the noodles separately and add it in the each bowl as you serve.

Beefy Tomato Soup is the perfect weeknight dinner, made quick with a few shortcuts!

Because we like this soup recipe thick and creamy, we put the pasta right in there so as it cooks it soaks up some of the broth.

Finally, put the lid on a let the soup cook for another 10 minutes until the pasta is tender and dinner is served.

This Beefy Tomato soup recipe has become a fan favorite since we posted it way back in 2015! It seems like everyone loves it  and I hope you do too!

Maybe it’s the creamy, delicious broth. Maybe it’s the beef and noodle combination. Or maybe it’s because it’s so easy to make!

Beefy Tomato Soup is a comfort food soup recipe for dinner with beef and pasta

All I can tell you is that you have to try it if you haven’t already. This soup will probably be in your dinner rotation every week!

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Beefy Tomato Soup is a soup recipe with ground beef and pasta

Beefy Tomato Soup

  • Author: Dan
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Total Time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: soup
  • Method: stove top
  • Cuisine: American


Beefy Tomato Soup is an easy and totally comforting soup dinner the whole family will love!


  • 3/4 lb. ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 (23.5) oz jar of spaghetti sauce
  • 4 cups of chicken stock
  • 1/2 cup of cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 1 1/2 cups elbow macaroni or short-tubed pasta
  • 1/4 cup fresh chopped basil, divided


  1. In a large pot heat the olive oil over medium heat.
  2. Add the onion and garlic to the pot and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring, until the onion softens.
  3. Add the ground beef to the onions, breaking up with a spoon and cook until no longer pink.
  4. Next add the salt, pepper and oregano to the beef and stir to combine.
  5. Now pour in the chicken stock and the pasta sauce, stir and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes.
  6. Whisk in the cream cheese until smooth then add 1/2 of the fresh basil.
  7. Pour in the pasta, stir and let cook for 10 minutes, covered, stirring halfway through cooking.
  8. Spoon into bowls and garnish with the leftover basil.


Your favorite spaghetti sauce can be substituted, or even a can of crushed tomatoes with a little more seasoning works!

*NOTE – A few of our readers have commented that the noodles soak up all the broth when you reheat the next day…Now some readers (including me) love this about this soup and some don’t. If you want the soup for leftovers with more broth, cook the pasta separately and then add it to each bowl as you heat it up!

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252 Responses

    1. Dria

      Thank you for this recipe. My family loves this simple and filling meal. We adapt it a little and add a pound of ground beef and 2 to 2.5 cups of elbow Macaroni since they like it to be thicker and less of a soup consistency. We’ve enjoyed this meal 2 weeks in a row and will make it a family staple. God bless your efforts and for your heart to share wholesome, delicious meals for families.

  1. Tricia

    My girls made this for dinner tonight since it’s such an easy recipe (I was just “helping)…and it was delicious! We all loved it! Tasted like lasagna in a soup. Thanks for the great recipe. I’ll be adding this to my “rock star” cookbook! ; )

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  3. Sunny

    This soup was so easy & Awesome! Thank you for this recipe. I used sausage (sweet) – 4 opened links & had some chicken stock & some veg stock…threw in with the rest & wow is this delish! I’d recommend whisking the cream cheese in some hot stock separately before adding as I had to fish out some of it & whisk it properly then add for body & flavor.

  4. teryy

    I like to precook the pasta, shock it in cold water then add to any soup that I happen to be making. This kind of helps the pasta stop cooking and turn the soup in progress into a mushy noodle mess .

    1. That’s a good way to do it too – this soup doesn’t really get mushy by putting the pasta directly in but with more brothy soups I totally agree with you!

    1. Hi Kim! It’s actually cream cheese in the soup, not sour cream. As far as a dairy free option, I’m not really sure…I know that you can use tofu (pureed) to thicken soups but it won’t give you the same flavor as the cream cheese. But I can tell you that this soup is going to be delicious all on it’s own, even without adding the cream cheese so I would just leave it out!

    1. Hi Kelly, we’ve actually added a box of frozen chopped spinach that we thawed out and drained. It was delicious! Or I think peas would work too. You could really add anything you like!

    1. I’d say you’d have to at least brown the beef first before adding it to the crock pot but you should definitely try it! Let me know if you do…

  5. Carrie

    Looking forward to making this tonight! I just bought all of the ingredients. Question: should I only add 3/4 of a pound of the ground beef? I bought a package that was about 1.25 lb. will adding all of it be too much meat for the soup? just curious. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    1. LInzi

      This has become my go to recipe at least once a month. I cut back on the broth so it’s less soupy, my husband calls it homemade hamburger helper, it’s so awesome! We love it!

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    1. Debbie, you can freeze it for sure but the pasta might get a little soft when you reheat it. But we’ve done it and it’s still great. If you’re making it planning to freeze it then I’d freeze it without the pasta and just add it in when you reheat.

  7. Karen

    Saw your recipe on Pinterest. We tried it tonight and it was delicious! Definitely a family favourite and will be added to the meal roster. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Allison

    This was really good, and really simple. I threw in some chopped baby spinach at the end for color because I didn’t have basil. What a great idea to use pasta sauce….it really separates it from typical tomato-based soups.

    1. Thank you Allison! This soup was a sponsored post for Francesco Rinaldi – we were trying to think of creative ways to use their sauce, now we buy it all the time for this soup! Glad you liked it!

      1. Rebekah

        Will using a different brand of sauce affect it much? I don’t have that brand on hand, in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen it. I do have a few jars of assorted flavors of Prego. Spaghetti with ground venison was on the menu tonight, but I think dressing it up with the cream cheese will be an amazing way to change up an easy week night meal. Thanks!

  9. Will

    Wow, what a great recipe! A tomato soup lover since my childhood, I abandoned canned tomato soups years ago, and have several “go-to” scratch recipes now that I use. Tried this one for the first time today, it came out just perfect. I really like the simplicity of this recipe, (simple, clear instructions, when to put the lid on, etc.) plus it has three of my favorite ingredients…(1) onions; (2) garlic; and (3) ground beef. Several of my beloved recipes use heavy cream as an ingredient, but I loved the way the cream cheese brought such a smooth, velvety creaminess to this soup. Next time, I’ll substitute Gourmet Seasoning Salt instead of regular salt, and Chive & Onion cream cheese instead of plain. But also, thank you for introducing me to Rinaldi’s Pasta Sauce…a hidden gem in my local Wal-mart that I never knew about. How many times have I thrown together whatever I had on hand to make a meal, but it was always a one-time never-to-be-duplicated-again recipe. Profuse thanks for writing this one down….it is definitely a keeper!

    1. Thank you so much Wil! I love all the feedback. We do actually keep jarred sauce on hand, especially when it;s a good one! Great for lots of different quick ideas. And chive and onion cream cheese – awesome idea!

  10. Kim

    I made this over the weekend and it was a hit. I’m actually very anti-jar-sauce because I always make my own and was hesitant to grab something off the shelf. But I did and it was great in this recipe. I did have crushed tomatoes, so maybe I’ll try that next time. Any suggestions for a brand of crushed?

    Thanks for posting this. I will be making it again soon.

    1. Thanks Kim! We make our own sauce all the time too, but after making this recipe I’ve found it is nice to have on hand. We have made this with crushed tomatoes also and it turns out great. I like to buy Redpack or Muir Glen because they have BPA free packaging but I think as long as you season it up the way you like any brand will do! Thanks for checking in!

    1. Thanks Jen! I updated the recipe to say it serves 6. I’d day that it serves even 8, if you’re serving a small bowl and a salad or something on the side – but 6 for sure! I hope you try it, it’s one of our favorites!

  11. Kimberly Burke


    I just made this soup and me and my husband LOVED it!! It was hearty and filling and had tons of flavor. I fixed sour dough grilled cheese sandwiches with it. It was perfect!! Thanks for the yummy recipe!


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  19. Mom of all Boys

    My family loved this, it was delicious. My boys called it “Lasagna Soup”. (It really did taste like lasagna! So good)

  20. Jennifer

    My grandmother handed a recipe like this down to me. We do it More like a goulash. Bell pepper, hamburger, onion , garlic, bay leaf, basil and top with Parmesan cheese! (Dairy free) It was one of my favorites growing up! I can’t wait to try with cream cheese! Unfortunately I have a dairy allergy in the house so grandmas way for him and I’ll mix a little cream cheese into some for me!! Thx

  21. Kathy

    This soup was so so good my friend Lori makes that soup without the hamburger her husband and her love it and we’re having it tonight and I tasted it it’s so good

  22. Theresa

    This soup was fantastic! My almost 2 year old daughter loved it! She kept saying… ‘soup, soup, soup…..mmmmmm’. I used a pasta sauce with basil in it, but still added fresh basil. I was also a bit short on cream cheese because I doubled the recipe so I added a little bit of heavy cream. Can’t wait for leftovers!

  23. Joann

    Hi Dan, This looks delicious and can’t wait to try it. I do have a quick question, You said if you do not have fresh basil you could you dry, I was just wandering how much you would use? I have everything but the fresh basil and I want to make this ASAP. Thanks so much and this looks so good. 🙂

    1. Joann, yes, the fresh basil really makes the flavor stand out but if you only have dried then you only need about 2 teaspoons. I would add the dried basil in with the onions in step 2. Enjoy!

  24. Laurie Farr

    This is truly one of the best tomato soups I have ever tried. My boyfriend requests I make this weekly! I even made it twice in one week! Thanks for posting!!

  25. Audra

    Loved the soup! I made the dish tonight with ground turkey and neufchatel cream cheese to make it a smidge healthier. The cream cheese made the soup. While I liked the ground turkey, I do think ground beef adds a flavor that you just can’t get (even with all the seasoning in the world) from ground turkey.
    I couldn’t find the pasta sauce you were talking about or a pasta sauce without salt on my Kroger shelf, so I picked up the Hunts 100% natural can of pasta sauce which worked really well.
    I love all things onion, I ended up adding raw finely chopped onions to the top of the soup… I bet Parmesan would be great to add to the top as well (the kind you get from Trader Joes that’s shaved instead of grated).
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thanks for all the feedback Audra! And I totally agree with you about the turkey, if you get a really lean ground beef (95%) it really isn’t that much different when it comes to being healthier so I tend to stick with a really lean beef. And you can use any pasta sauce that you like, I’ve even made this with a can of crushed tomatoes and a little more seasoning and it still turns out good! Glad you enjoyed it!

  27. Letty

    Made this last night and it was so easy and flavorful! My husband is already asking when I can make it again. He also asked if I could possibly add some parmesan cheese and mushrooms on the next go round! I’ll keep ya posted on how it comes out!

  28. Salma

    Hi, I want to make this for my one year old, what can I use if I want to skip ship bought pasta sauce? I was thinking of just adding tinned chopped tomatoes with the stock?
    Thanks in advance.

  29. Danni

    Kicked off soup season at our house with this recipe and it was a winner all around. Added carrots with onions and a little red pepper flake, but otherwise followed completely. Kids gobbled it up. Great recipe that’s so easy and yummy!!

  30. Wendie

    OMG… Made this tonight. No onion or garlic used. Substituted with onion/garlic powder(husband won’t eat).
    It was soooo good & the husband liked it(he’s a picky one). I did 1 pound ground beef & 2 cups pasta. I’m telling you, it is a must try. I’m adding to my regulars.

    1. Wendie – thanks for letting me know, it’s a favorite with our family too! I’m glad you and your husband liked it, I’m a former picky eater myself…

  31. Heather

    Hi! Looking forward to making this soup tonight! I usually cook with 85/15 (percent fat) ground beef.
    What would you recommend for this recipe?

    1. Heather, sorry if I miss you last night! I’d say that you can use whatever meat you have on hand – it really does’t matter for this soup! If it’s a fattier blend then you might just have to drain some of the grease of before you continue. Hope it worked out for you!

    1. You could use lamb if that’s what you like, obviously the flavor will be different but go ahead and give it a try! You could also use ground chicken or turkey or even sausage.

  32. Kelli

    This was delicious!! I followed the recipe to a T and it came out amazing, everyone went back for seconds! I wasn’t able to find that exact brand of pasta sauce, so just used our favorite and we loved it. Thanks very much for this great recipe, will definitely become a regular in our house!

  33. caroline

    My daughter looked at the photo and said “Please let’s make it” well we did and, oh boy, it was sooo delicious, like lasagne soup 🙂 I used a jar of passata for the tomato base, small chunks of beef instead of mince. This will be a staple on cold winter days in Helsinki where we live. Thanks Dan

  34. CAROL

    I’m excited to make this. I was searching the web for an easy, not too high brow soup to send on a church retreat for high schoolers. This nails it. Thanks for sharing. I know it will be a hit with this crowd.

  35. Ashley

    This is the second time I’ve made this dish. It is so easy and my family devours it. I’m not a great cook (my husband does most of the cooking because he likes to cook and he’s amazing at it.) I can usually at least follow the recipe yet with this I managed to not follow the recipe (on accident) both times and it turned out great both times. First I didn’t cook the noodles in the dish, I cooked them first then added them to the dish because of this I didn’t cook it the last 10 min. (it was thinner, more like a soup). Tonight I forgot to ask hubby to grab fresh basil so we went with just the oregano. Tonight I cooked the noodles in the dish and it was thicker and I preffered it. Both time I also used a regular (not salt free) pasta sauce but left out the salt and pepper. This is a winner with my family! Thank you for sharing!
    The only thing I would say to a comment I saw was that this is supposed to feed 6 adults; I don’t agree. Granted my kids eat a lot when I serve this dish but we had 4 adults and 2 small kids eat this and there was not enough. Grandma and Grandpa came back for seconds and were bummed to find the pan empty. I will be doubling this next time and I won’t miss including fresh basil.

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  48. Madeline

    I made this soup after discovering the recipe on Pinterest. YUM! My husband and I really enjoyed it. Little prep time, easy to make, and delicious. I also liked that it was a creamy soup but without much guilt (I used low fat cream cheese). Thanks!

  49. Joan L

    I am so excited to try this. I think the addition of some diced zucchini would be really good in it too. Being only one person, I will probably freeze into individual servings. I always freeze before adding noodles.

  50. CaRol

    This was a keeper! Absolutely delicious. I used the end of a box of mdium pasta shells and then decided to also use up the end of a box of no-boil lasagna noodles, breaking them up into large pieces (sort of like the lasagna soup recipes I’ve seen). Everyone loved it and I will definitely be making this again. I had been looking for something that wasn’t in my usual rotation of beef barley, chicken noodle, split pea, squash soups and this was not only different, but FABULOUS!

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    1. It will be fine without it yes, it just won’t have a creamy consistency, but it will still be delicious! If you have any heavy cream you could add that too.

  52. Cathy

    the recipe does not specify…. do you put uncooked pasta in and let it boil until the noodles are soft, or do you use cooked pasta and just add it in at the end??? sometimes this makes a difference.

    1. Hi Cathy, yes – when it says it step #8 to pour in the pasta that is uncooked pasta. Stir it and put the lid on so the pasta cooks for about 10 minutes.

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  54. Darlene

    This is the best. I have been on the soup kick lately and this is very creamy and very good. I recommend this soup for you to try and make it’s easy to make. Will be making it again thank you so much for the recipe

    1. Well, that’s a good question, I would say go ahead and give it a shot! are you talking about the Campbell’s condensed soup that you add water to? If so, I’d add the recommended amount of water plus the soup. I think to equal the amount of sauce in a jar you’d need to add 2 cans. I’d also cut back on the amount of salt used in this recipe as the condensed soup can be salty. Let me know how it works!

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  57. Kristine

    Hi, Dan.

    I look forward to trying your recipe out. However, we don’t have the particular pasta sauce your call for up in Canada. Is there a substitute you can suggest for it?

    Thanks! 🙂

  58. Nicole

    I just so happened to come across this site posted in a mom’s group on Facebook…SCORE! I’m excited to try some of your recipes, especially this one!

  59. Found your amazing site via Pinterest. I can’t wait to try this recipe! My family will love it! (me too of course, lol)
    I will be sharing a link to your recipe in my upcoming post, Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas (on a Budget). I am sure my readers will love your recipe too!

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  62. ColleenB. ~Texas

    the ‘make it your way’ soup was delicious. Used Johnsonville Italian sausage and added some frozen mixed vegetables, of which I Always have on hand in the freezer. No spaghetti sauce on hand so used some of my homemade pizza sauce

    1. That’s great Colleen, as I’ve said in the past I love making recipes that are the “base” for what you’re going to make and then you should add whatever you have on hand! And I bet your homemade pizza sauce is delicious!

  63. I made this soup tonight for my husband and I for work this week I used ground turkey in place of ground beef. It is delicious! I make a different soup almost weekly and this is a keeper. It was delicious before I put in the cream cheese so I may leave it out the next time just to save on fat and calories. I have never used the Rinaldi sauce before. Very flavorful. I couldn’t find the one stated in the recipe so i had to replace it with the green pepper and mushroom Rinaldi sauce Very good! Thanks for a delicious recipe!

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  65. Jean

    This soup is awesome! I usually make soup on Sundays to take for my lunch during the week with a serving always set aside in the freezer for my 80 yr old father. I made this soup tonight after finding the recipe on Pinterest. My husband decided to try it after the aroma drew him away from the TV and into the kitchen…..I may have to make another batch tomorrow as it’s not going to last long. Also, it’s perfect for my dad as its not too spicy; I may make my dad his own batch. YUM.

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  67. Deb

    I am making this now. Doing it in the Instapot. Browned the beef and onions and garlic. Added the rest and put it on soup mode for 10 minutes. It smells so darn good. The boyfriend is standing here practically drooling. Thanks so much for the recipe. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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  70. Patricia

    I don’t like the pasta soaking up all the broth and turning flabby so in the past, I’ve subbed frozen corn for my grain serving. It won’t soak up the liquid or turn flabby and takes no time to cook.
    Easy substitute.

  71. A Parks

    This soup was amazingg!! I added maybe 2 1/2 – 3 cups of stock instead of four, used chicken instead of beef, and added some sharp cheddar into it. I wanted a more thick & creamy than liquidy soup. It turned out amazing!!! Great recipe. Since my boyfriend & I aren’t living together, I’ll be eating this for the week, but I can’t wait to make it for him.

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  73. Brenda

    This was a YUM, YUM, YUM! I doubled the onions, added several cloves of garlic. We don’t have that brand of sauce, so I used Kroger’s Private Selection. I used 1# of 100% grass-fed beef and crumbled in a little pasture-raised pork breakfast sausage I had cooked that morning. I added 2 stalks of celery chopped and a grated carrot to the vegetables and some ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. I couldn’t eat it when it was first made, so it sat a few hours and when I lifted the lid it had magically transformed itself from soup to goulash and BOY, WAS IT DELICIOUS!!! I thought, This is a great dish to take to someone when you need to take a supper, for a funeral, new baby, etc. I will make this again and again!! A real winner. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Brenda! You can definitely use whatever sauce you have on hand, we use homemade sometimes too! I’m so glad you liked it, thank you for letting me know!

  74. Lisa

    This was one of those recipes that I threw together and the family loved it! But I was In such a rush I was worried that I didnt save it and I would never find it again. Thank goodness for Screenshot! This is perfect for dinner, leftovers…this will become a staple at our house.

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  77. Lisa

    Hi Dan, I’m about to start Whole30, but transitioning my kitchen and your soup looks too good to pass up. I’m curious why you chose chicken broth over beef broth being that there is beef in the soup. I’m still learning and would love your input. Thanks!

  78. Tami

    This satisfied everyone’s palates. It was soup and stew all in one. Very delicious and so easy! Went well with a glass of red cab. Next time I will try with a little cream and not cream cheese. It was a little to much for my one daughters taste buds. Thank you for sharing.

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  80. Kitty

    How do you get the cream cheese to completely melt into the soup? When we tried this it just became blobs of cheese, even when using a whisk. We ended up melting half of the cream cheese separately in a pan and then adding it to the soup. Would have tried a handheld blender, but thought it would probably destroy the ground beef.

  81. Lori

    Had to improvise a little with what I had on hand and pressed for time…but we loved it! Definitely going in my go-to binder! Simple and relatively inexpensive to make.

    Thank you so much for such an awesome recipe 🙂

  82. Shetay

    This is both very tasty and filling. I used ground turkey instead of beef and 5 cheese tortellini instead of pasta shells. ????????????????

  83. Rachel

    So tasty! Made it for the first time tonight and I love it! I added corn tortilla strips at serving. My only complaint is it’s a bit thin. Maybe I didn’t add enough cream cheese. Any ideas how to thicken it up, I appreciate any feedback!

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  85. Brooke

    Wow. I hardly ever leave reviews on recipes but i am blown away at how good this is. I made it exactly as called for in the recipe except i used Rao’s marinara sauce. This will definitely be on rotation in my house. Thanks for an awesome meal

  86. Rachelc

    I don’t own an oven so I have been running out of simple, hearty ideas of what to cook on the stove. I just made this for my family and it is a HIT! Very filling and full of flavor. It will definitely be a recipe I come back to again and again. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Jaime Lynne*

    Made this tonight for dinner, and it was the perfect soup for the cold fall night we’re having. My husband and daughter very much enjoyed this, it’s so flavorful, and very hearty! I made a bigger pot as we will enjoy it tomorrow also!!

    Thanks again!! 🙂

  88. Kyle

    This recipe was awful!!! I spent $25 in groceries to prepare this so called “Soup”. It tasted like Shit and I would not even feed it to my dogs…😝

    1. Your dogs would have been thrilled, Kyle. Too bad over a half a million people disagree with you though, my 10 year old can pretty much get this soup recipe together so you might just need to amp up your cooking skills a bit…better luck next time!

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  91. Caro G

    This is my 2nd time making this. So easy and yummy. First round, the pasta soaked up all the liquid, but my husband and kids loved it. This round, I added more liquid. I substituted the cream cheese for half and half.

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  93. Annalyn

    Very simple and easy to follow instructions. The ingredients are a common staple in anyone’s kitchen too. Even though, I did not have cream cheese and chicken stock available and just went on with substituting it with sour cream and a beef stock cube in water instead. It tasted absolutely delicious! I also used just a plain passata sauce and added extra oregano and pepper. My son and even my baby loved it!

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  95. Autumn

    This recipe is amazing! I followed the recipe as written and it was so good. My husband who is not a big fan of soups, loved it.
    I have a soup swap coming up this weekend. One of my friends can’t have dairy so I am just going to make it without the cream cheese but I have faith that it will still be delicious.
    Thank you for sharing.

  96. Crystal

    I love this soup! I’m already thinking about making it again soon! So simple and taste like I worked hard in the kitchen! I doubled the recipe, but after ready other reviews, I decided to throw only half the noodles in at the end. I prefer my soup to be a little thicker, but I didn’t want it to be over kill. I boiled the other half on the side just Incase later it needed more. I never even used those. Thank you for this great recipe!

  97. Rosemary Parker

    Like it pretty much i wish you make a recipes for pepper pot soup use to buy this soup through cambells soup they font sell this any more it was my favorite soup pleade make a recipes for this soup

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  99. Melissa

    WE. LOVE. THIS. SOUP. It’s now on heavy rotation… it’s amazing. Didn’t have cream cheese so used the same amount of sour cream – still amazing. Parmesan cheese on top is also delicious. Thank you for this! I usually double it so we can pack it for work lunches. I’m so glad to have an easy, quick, and inexpensive recipe to add to our favorites!

  100. Lauren

    Use kite hill cream cheese and vegan meat crumble to make this vegan! I’ve done it without the meat crumble and it’s still so good!

  101. Ben W.

    My fiance and I love this recipe! We move every couple months for his work so having something delicious and simple to make with the few kitchen supplies we can bring is a real blessing. It is becoming our go-to comfort food. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Wow, that’s a tough gig! We make this one a lot too for our “when we have nothing to make” nights and our boys always love it! Thank you for letting us know!

  102. Michael

    Could I make this without the cream cheese divide it in half and then add the cream cheese, refrigerate the other half and add the cream cheese when I heat it the next day? I’m new to left overs but we have so much food left with less ppl in the house these days.

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