This Apple Cider Mojito is like a sip of Fall in a glass that you can enjoy all season!

Apple Cider Mojito

This Apple Cider Mojito is like drinking Fall in a glass that you can enjoy all season long! Don’t skimp on the garnishes for this cocktail, all the flavors and smells come through with every sip.

The garnishes in this Apple Cider Mojito are what makes this drink!

I’m always looking for more ways to use apple cider in the Fall. We always seem to buy it in gallons, no one asking if we’re out, always one of us just picking up more when we see it.

When the cider gets to be too much in the fridge though, I turn to cocktails. This Apple Cider Mojito is my latest cocktail for Food Fanatic that I hope you’re going to love!

Drinking it straight up is just fine, the crisp flavor of cider is what we wait for all year and man, it’s worth the wait.
One of my favorite ways to drink cider is warmed with a shot or two of Applejack brandy and a cinnamon stick for stirring. Warms you up to say the least but it’s such a darn tasty drink when it’s cold. Even if you’re not outside IN the cold, just trying to stay warm inside the house.

This Apple Cider Mojito has rum, brandy and all the flavors of the classic drink!

But you can also cook with cider, if you’re making dessert like these donut holes ( or even better a dessert cocktail like this Apple Pie Float) or you can use it to make dinner like this amazing pork roast or this slow cooker cider chicken.
But then – bam – you get one of those freakishly warm days in Fall where you don’t really know what to wear or what to set the heat on in your house. Or just turn it off altogether…maybe even turn on the AC!

We get a lot of those days in October but we’ve even had them in November on Thanksgiving. One year my kids were running outside in short sleeves, no coats. And everyone’s inside the house sweating because the oven has been on for two days cooking that turkey dinner.

Here’s where we break out these Apple Cider Mojitos.

We still feel like we’re actually in Fall, even if it’s 80 degrees outside, but we’re not drinking hot cider with brandy to warm us up.

We’ve got these cool, crisp, refreshing Apple Cider Mojitos to keep us cool…even if we’re sweating our tails off eating that huge turkey dinner.

So here’s what I’ll suggest, grab that cider by the gallons while its’ available. Then depending on the weather you’ve got a bunch of different cocktail recipes to choose from.

Hot or cold – Fall or winter. I’ve got you covered.

This Apple Cider Mojito is like a sip of Fall in a glass that you can enjoy all season!

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