Bacon Gin Fizz

Kick up your boozy brunch cocktails with this Bacon Gin Fizz Cocktail! You’ve got everything you need right in this drink, eggs, bacon and booze!


Brunch is something that we don’t really do very often. I love brunch – it’s actually the prefect party time I think.

Not too early in the morning but just before lunch so you’re not tired from working all day and it’s not too late at night that you feel like going to be before you’ve even started.

I like the type of brunch that is really more like an early  dinner. Sure you’re going to have some sort of egg dish and waffles but I usually hit the carving stations with slices of roast beef and big pieces of bread. And then there’s the cocktails…

Champagne cocktails are the standard brunch drink for good reason. You can customize them in many different ways , like these  Champagne Margaritas, or use champagne to make bellinis. You can even set up a mimosa or a bellini bar so your guests can make their own drinks.

But if mimosas aren’t you’re thing, maybe they’re too sweet for you or you’re not a champagne person…you’ve got to try these Bacon Gin Fizz drinks. They totally fit the bill for a brunch cocktail.

You’ve got your bacon, your eggs and your booze. It’s the perfect cocktail to have  before 5:00.

I know there are some of you out there that are going to say that you’re afraid of the raw egg white. It’s totally fine, really. Haven’t you ever licked the cookie dough spoon?

I know all the food police say we shouldn’t do that now but if you’re really concerned just make sure you get pasteurized eggs so it won’t be  an issue.

The egg white makes that frothy, foamy top you see in the drink and also makes the drink a little bit creamier.

This drinks does have to be shaken up when served so you’ll have to play bartender for a little while (one of my favorite jobs) but that’s OK, it just means you’ll be closer to the bar!


Don’t forget to head over to Food Fanatic for this recipe and other boozy brunch ideas!


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