Apple Cider Margarita

This Apple Cider Margarita is the perfect way to enjoy a classic Summer cocktail in the Fall! Tequila and apple cider together are delicious!


A Twist On A Classic Margarita Recipe

Not that I think you need to wait until summer time to have a nice, cold margarita. I’m up for a good margarita pretty much any time of the year. Especially if Mexican food like tacos are on the menu. But typically, most people seem to mix them up in the warmer months, by the pitcher, on a nice sunny deck…ok I’m daydreaming a little…but stay with me.

So instead of making your typical summer time margarita recipe, let’s switch things up and turn this into a winter time drink.


Starting with a fresh, crisp apple cider instead of lime juice. Swapping out the triple sec or Grand Marnier with Berentzen Apple Liquor. But what’s staying the same in this cocktail? Well, the tequila of course. I like to use a reposado tequila for this drink, something light and not too expensive. Not too expensive because you’ll be making a TON of these Apple Cider Margaritas. I mean, a ton.

The flavor is so crisp and refreshing you’ll want more than just one, I can promise you that.

And now for the drumroll…You can serve this cocktail up ice cold – or hot.

You Can Serve This Cocktail Cold Or Warm!

After photographing this drink more than a few times, we left it all out on the counter and moved on to other things. Later when we went back to clean up the drink was at room temperature, but we still had to take a few sips…and then a few more.

After realizing it was so good at room temperature too, we stuck it in the microwave for a minute. And it was amazing…so make this Apple Cider Margarita in big batches, even warm it up in your slow cooker for parties.

The only problem? Deciding which way you want to drink this, hot or cold. I vote for cold, cider is a cold drink for me. Christie’s vote was for hot. So just like I said, this Apple Cider Margarita recipe is the best of both worlds!


This is our latest cocktail we mixed up for our friends over at Food Fanatic! Definitely head over and check out all the other incredible food and cocktail recipes they have over there!

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