Raspberry Manhattan

A Raspberry Manhattan? Yes, you heard it right. A raspberry flavored version of a Manhattan that’s garnished with raspberries instead of cherries!


A Twist On A Classic Manhattan Cocktail

First, I replaced the cherries with raspberries. Then I used raspberry liquor instead of sweet vermouth.

And I swapped out regular bourbon or whisky with this Studebaker Manhattan Whisky. And there you have it – or latest cocktail featured over on Food Fanatic!

Why use Studebaker Manhattan Whisky? Well because it’s like a cocktail already built in the bottle. I found this whisky the other day while I was browsing through the liquor store and I had to check it out.

What they’ve done is blend this whisky with the notes and flavors of a Manhattan cocktail already built into it. So really all you have to do is pour over ice, garnish with a cherry and enjoy.


It’s nice to keep things simple sometimes, right? Some of our recipes that we do for Food Fanatic are a little more involved…and some are easy. Because you do need both. I also tested this whiskey out on some of my family members who are tried and true Manhattan cocktail drinkers and they loved it, so I knew it had to be good.

But I do like to put my twist on things, so I swapped out the cherry flavor (I admit, because it’s not my favorite flavor) with raspberries instead. But raspberries, I love. You can put them in a bellini or a mojito, they work well with so many cocktail and recipes. But this is also a good way to enjoy a classic Manhattan cocktail that’s a little toned down if you’re not a fan of sipping on whisky cocktails. The raspberry liquor and the muddled raspberries mellows out the whisky quite a bit.

Hot To Make A Raspberry Manhattan

All there is to do is muddle a few raspberries in a cocktail shaker, add your raspberry liquor and the whisky and shake with a few cubes of ice. Instead of straining this drink out through the strainer at the top of your shaker, take the whole top off and just pour it out. That was you get all of the muddled raspberry pieces in your cocktail, much more tasty that way.

Feel free to swap out the raspberries with your favorite fruit like orange segments or blackberries or even blueberries, this Raspberry Manhattan would work with your favorite flavor too!



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