Mini Ice Cream Cake Trifles

  • Author: Dan
  • Prep Time: 3 hours
  • Cook Time: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 3 hours 25 minutes
  • Yield: 6 Servings 1x

Make 6 individual trifles, or adapt the recipe to make a whole sheet cake! Thus trifle recipe is what everyone wants for their birthday!



  • 1 box Pillsbury™ Funfetti® cake mix, baked according to package directions for a 9″x13″ pan
  • 1 gallon chocolate ice cream
  • 1 8 oz. package M&M’s® Holiday White Peppermint
  • 1 8 oz. package M&M’s® Holiday Milk Chocolate
  • 1 container Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Holiday Vanilla Flavored Frosting


  1. At least 3 hours ahead of time, soften the chocolate ice cream in a large bowl.
  2. Add the bag of M&M’s® Holiday Milk Chocolate to a food processor and mix until fine, then stir into the softened ice cream.
  3. Pour the ice cream in a 9″x13″ baking dish, spread into and even layer and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours or over night.
  4. Using a 3 inch round cookie cutter, cut out rounds of the Pillsbury™ Funfetti® cake, slice the rounds in half lengthwise so you have 2 rounds. You should easily get 6 rounds out of the sheet cake, cutting in half to make 12. Save the leftover cake pieces for crumbling on top of the trifles!
  5. Chop the M&M’s® Holiday White Peppermint into large chunks, either carefully using a knife or back in the food processor, but not as fine as the M&M’s® Holiday Milk Chocolates.
  6. When you’re ready to assemble take the ice cream layer out of the freezer and let sit at room temperature for 15 minutes. Using the same 3″ cutter, cut out rounds of the ice cream.
  7. To assemble, place one round of cake on the bottom of an individual trifle dish, followed by a round of the chocolate ice cream and then topped with another round of cake.
  8. Spread the top layer of cake with the Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Holiday Vanilla Flavored Frosting and top with the crushed M&M’s® Holiday White Peppermint candy.
  9. Serve immediately.

Recipe Notes

You can also adapt this recipe to a whole sheet cake. Bake the cake as per the recipe in a 9″ x 13″ and let cool. Remove from the baking dish and slice the cake in half lengthwise so you have 2 layers of cake. Place one layer back into the baking dish and top with a layer of the softened ice cream and crushed M&M’s® Holiday Milk Chocolates. Place the other layer of cake on top, cover and freeze.
When you’re ready to serve, let the cake sit for 15-20 minutes at room temperature, then frost and top with the M&M’s® White Peppermint pieces.

  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: American

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