Pappardelle in

Champagne Cream Sauce

Pappardelle in champagne cream sauce is a festive and fancy-without-even-trying holiday recipe! Made from tender pasta tossed in a rich bubbly-infused tomato sauce.

An easy pasta recipe for the holidays

Make a Roux

Begin by sauteing garlic and onions with tomato paste, then stir in a bit of flour to form a roux.


Next, pour in your favorite champagne to deglaze the pot.

Add Tomatoes

After a minute, add in crushed tomatoes and simmer.

Add Cream

Finally, stir in heavy cream to round out the flavor.


Cook the pappardelle pasta, and then toss it in the champagne cream sauce.


Ring in the holidays with a plate of saucy pasta and a glass of champagne!

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