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Crab Puffs


Homemade crab puffs are the perfect holiday appetizer! This easy crab puff recipe is made from bites of creamy seafood filling tucked into crispy baked pie shells.

Easy Crab Puff Appetizers

Assemble the crusts

Separate the store-bought mini pie crusts and tuck them into a muffin pan.

Make the filling

Combine the ingredients for the crab meat filling, season to taste, and stir.

Fill the pie crusts

Add spoonfuls of filling to each pie crust, then sprinkle over mozzarella cheese.


Bake the crab puffs at 425ºF for 12-14 minutes, until crispy and golden.


Serve your crab puffs right away, or store them airtight for later reheating!

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