Chicken Pineapple Kabobs

This easy recipe features tender, marinated chicken skewered with sweet, gilled pineapple and vegetables. Serve over rice or just enjoy them as is!

what are chicken pineapple kabobs?

You'll need boneless, skinless chicken breast, and a few other simple ingredients to make this easy recipe. Let's round them up and get started!

Simple Ingredients

Cut the Chicken

Start by cubing the chicken into large pieces about 2″ cubes, roughly the same size.

Marinate the Chicken

Mix up the marinade and pour it over the chicken. Then refrigerate.

Prep the ingredients

Cut peppers, onions, and pineapple into large pieces. Thread the ingredients in a pattern, keeping the chicken nestled between the peppers and onion.

grill the kabobs

Place the kabobs on the grill and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, basting them during the last couple of minutes with a store-bought teriyaki or Hawaiian BBQ sauce.


Serve on top of a bed of rice, or just enjoy them as is.

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