Smart Gear Propane Gas Gauge

Smart Gas gauge

Grilling season is coming and thank god for that. I can’t wait to start making dinner outside instead of being cooped up in the house. Steaks, burgers, beer-can chicken, ribs…I could go on but I know you get it.

This Smart Gear Propane Gas Gauge is what every griller needs to make sure you never run out of gas mid-grill.

Because we all can say that’s happened to us a least once, right?

I have a pretty nice grill, but all it has is that little chart on the side that measure the weight of the tank…well I can tell you that it’s been wrong before. I’ve had to run to a neighbor’s house and borrow a tank before when we’ve had company over, thankfully I have nice neighbors, but it’s still an inconvenience. Also when you’re cooking something that is temperature sensitive like a beef tenderloin, you really don’t want to risk ruining it because you forgot to shake your tank and see if you think it has enough gas. 

So although this may not be as cool as the Google Chromecast or Whisky Stones…I can guarantee that you and your family and friends will be thanking me when their dinner is hot on the table and perfectly cooked.

Now all you have to do is remember to get ice for the beer. That is one thing I can say I have never forgotten to do.

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  1. saminder gumer

    i want this smart gear propane gas gauge because grilling season is upon us and i don’t want to disappoint the family or friends when i am grilling.

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