Sleep Improving Wrist Band

 Today I wanted to talk about this cool gadget I came across that claims to help you sleep better. It’s called the Sleep Improving Wrist Band.

We all need to sleep better, right? I don’t think I know anyone that goes around bragging about their awesome night of sleep they had the night before. For one reason or another, we are a sleep deprived society.


What this Sleep Improving Wrist Band claims to do is use the art of acupuncture to improve your overall ability to fall asleep and stay asleep buy stimulating vital acupuncture points on your wrist.

The small electrical pulses cause your body to increase the production of the sleep-inducing hormone Melatonin. The Sleep Improving Wrist Band also reduces the effects of tension and stress, can help people who may work on a swing shift (as I have done many times in my life, wish I had this then) or even help with jet lag.

The other notable quality about this product is that it works “naturally” with your body- so no drugs which is good in many ways- especially if you have someone in your life that’s pregnant or just can’t handle sleep medication well. I know my wife was always waking up at night when she was pregnant with our boys and then said that she could never get back to sleep.

In fact, I don’t think she’s gotten a full night’s sleep yet.

Our oldest is ten. I might need to get a couple of these…

The Sleep Band does take 3 to 6 weeks of consecutive wearing (every day for a half an hour before bed and while you sleep through the night) to start to take effect. It is natural after all, no quick fix, but overall will get you into the right sleep pattern.

It’s about 90 bucks at Sharper Image, but I’ll tell you, if it really does what it says and gives me a great night of sleep…I’m in.

I did also find it on

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