Pear Brandy Cocktail

This Pear Brandy Cocktail is awesome in the winter, summer, spring or fall!


Have you ever seen those bottle of pear brandy at the liquor store? I mean the bottle that has a whole pear inside it? Pretty cool. Not cheap, but pretty cool. And let me tell you, it tastes even better than it looks.

You have to remember when you are looking to buy something like pear brandy that even though it’s a little more on the expensive side, about $45 bucks a bottle…you’re only going to be using a shot or so at a time.

So this bottle of pear brandy is more like an investment…it’ll be around for a while!

All you need besides pear brandy is some prosecco and a small can or pear nectar. So unlike a pear martini, this cocktail has got some bubbles going on. You can set out glasses ahead of time with the brandy and pear nectar and then set out the prosecco on your bar so guests can serve themselves.


I’ll say this now – even though this Pear Brandy Cocktail has some sweeter ingredients going on, don’t think it doesn’t pack a punch.

It packs a punch.

Definitely not one of those drinks you want to underestimate.

Tasty…but strong. Another reason why that bottle of pear brandy will be around for a while since you’re only going to need a couple of these at a time!




Pear Brandy Cocktail

  • Author: Dan
  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1 1/2 ounces Pear Brandy
  • 1 ounce pear nectar
  • Prosecco for topping
  • Pears, sliced into thin pieces for garnish


  1. Place the sugar cube into the bottom of a champagne flute or any glass you choose. Add 6-8 dashes of bitters depending on your taste. Add the brandy and then top with either champagne or prosecco.
  2. Garnish with slices of pear.


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