Candy Cane Martini



Christmas Eve is finally here – let’s start celebrating with this Candy Cane Martini!

OK, maybe not at 8 in the morning, but you could if you wanted to, I won’t judge.

There are so many different flavored vodka out there to try and I’ve been working really hard to get through them all…

But sometimes it’s fun to try making your own flavored vodka. The possibilities are endless. All you need is some plain vodka and whatever you can imagine to infuse it with – and this time I chose candy canes.

Food Fanatic needed a few Christmas Cocktails and I was here to help.

Candy is pretty much a free for all in our house for the month of December. The boys have an advent calendar with candy in it for the mornings (your welcome 1st grade teacher) and if they want to grab a candy cane after school or after dinner they can. The rest of the year candy is pretty limited so the boys love it.

This year my wife bought a ton candy canes and so did I. You know that whole communication thing…so we ended up with a LOT of candy canes.

What to do with all the extra candy canes? Make a Candy Cane Martini of course.

I started by infusing plain vodka with crushed candy canes and let that sit for a couple of days. Then I strained it and stored it in a container until I was ready to mix.

There were a lot of recipes I found for Candy Cane Martinis that used white crème de menthe or even evaporated milk to make the martini creamy. I decided not to add the creamy stuff to mine and instead added some vanilla schnapps to give it that hint of vanilla flavor that candy canes have. If you want a candy cane dessert, you can always try this Candy Cane Fudge recipe to go along with your drinks. If minty isn’t your thing, you can try making these Pear Vanilla Martinis instead, they’re always a big hit with a crowd.

And the cranberry juice is there to cut through all the booziness of this Candy Cane Martini. That way you can have a few of these martinis instead of just having one and done. If you’re celebration is anything like ours you need to be able to hang in for the long haul!





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