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I’ve been having fun grilling up flatbreads this week. Now we’re in a little bit of a pizza craze around my house, trying to figure out who can come up with the craziest toppings…so far I’m winning.

In searching for new pizza recipes though, I came across KettlePizza. KettlePizza is a unique way to turn your charcoal grill into a wood burning pizza oven right in your own backyard.

You can buy KettlePizza for about $150 bucks, maybe a little pricey, but not nearly as expensive as a pizza oven which would cost in the thousands…so if you look at it like that it’s kind of a bargain. That’s the way I’m explaining it to my wife anyway. Kind of like every time she comes home from shopping she tells me she had a “coupon” or what she bought was on “clearance” and she got a great deal. Two can play at that game!

The concept behind KettlePizza is that it keeps your pizza cooking at a constant high-heat temperature which is essential for getting that crispy, slightly charred crust that we’re all looking for. The KettlePizza creates a cooking chamber in your charcoal grill so that the lid never needs to be opened, achieving temperatures up to 750 degrees!  The stainless steal construction ensures even heating that creates a constant air flow circulating around your pizza.

What does that mean? It means you’re toppings will be perfectly cooked at the same time as your crispy crust – in about 4 minutes flat.

There’s a few accessories to go along too like a pizza stone if you choose to use one – you don’t have to – the pizza can go right on your grill but it will have a more charred crust than if you use the stone. 

The set up couldn’t be easier, all you do is lift the lid on your charcoal grill and place the KettlePizza insert on your grill grates. Put the lid back on top of the insert and fire away! It’s that easy.

I’m all about gadgets these days as we all know and this one seems like a winner to me. Grilling season is here, so I’m not waiting for a coupon for this one. I’ll just say I had one…or it was on sale!

kettle pizza cooker

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  1. Bonnie Banters

    Great review Dan! Now, when you say that you will just say you had a coupon or that it was on sale…is that like when we tell our man that oh, we we’ve had it for a while…just now wearing it? Lol!!

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