Bluetooth Headset

I thought about giving away something like this Bluetooth Headset that might motivate you guys, I don’t know if anyone is still working on their New Year’s resolutions…but I know I am.

This DELTON DBTSTEX9 Bluetooth Headset is a perfect motivator for me to start jogging. I love listening to music and I live in a perfect neighborhood to go jogging.

So…I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. Maybe these headphones will help me get started.

I do hate when I am running though and you accidentally swing your arm on the cord of the headphones and they fly out of your ear.

I know, big problems in life, but anything I can find that lessens the annoyance is good for me.

And honestly, with all the food that I’ve been making around here lately…the chicken marsala alfredo, the bourbon-bacon chocolate chip cookies, the buffalo chicken bites, the list goes on, I need to get myself in gear.

And I’m definitely not willing to give up the all the good food.

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