Automatic Wine Preserver

Wine preserver

This Automatic Wine Preserver from Brookstone is the perfect gift for the wine drinker in your life. Or also for anyone who lives with a wine drinker…

I’m not much of a wine drinker myself, but my wife is, and I know that I’ve thrown away more leftover wine in our house because it’s been sitting around and has gone bad. If there’s only one person in a household that drinks wine, chances are you’re going to have some leftovers that you’ll want to save and drink in the next couple of days.

We’ve looked into and tried all the wine stoppers out there that claim to preserve wine better and longer…none of them seem to work well according to her.

But this Wine Preserver automatically pumps air out of opened bottles to prevent the oxidation which is what turns the wine sour. It also has a digital display that records the temperature of the wine so you can move it to a warmer or cooler spot so that the temperature adjusts and stays fresher longer. There’s even a screen that tells you when you last opened the bottle…in case you can’t remember…

This might seem like a little bit of an indulgence, or maybe just another unnecessary gadget, but I bet if you added up all the wine that you ended up dumping down the sink it would make this wine preserver seem totally worth it.

And if you win it here in the giveaway…it’s free!

Giveaway has ended.

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