Top Ten Boozy Cider Cocktails!

Top Ten Boozy Cider Cocktails

Top Ten Boozy Cider Cocktails are my favorite things to drink when the temperature starts to drop…some are warm, some are cold, all are delicious!

Top Ten Boozy Cider Cocktails!


What I like most about the weather changing from my most favorite season – Summer – to Fall and then Winter is mostly just about the food and cocktails.

I’m not into skiing or any Winter sports and I’m definitely not into shoveling snow and losing power during bad storms…all that you can take.

But I AM into comfort food, dinner cooking all day in a slow cooker or in the oven, and cocktails.

Let’s get started on some must have drinks for the season!


Apple Cider Mimosas

These Apple Cider Mimosas are a super tasty, Fall cocktail!

We don’t want to forget about drinks for breakfast…or brunch. These Apple Cider Mimosas are going to be perfect! Boozy, strong and oh so tasty.


Apple Cider Mojito

The garnishes in this Apple Cider Mojito are what makes this drink!

Another cold cider cocktail for those warm Fall days. Don’t forget all the garnish in this one, it adds to the flavor of the drink!



The glass here is the fun part about this drink, but don’t let that sugared rim fool you. This martini has a crisp apple flavor that packs a punch!


Apple Cider Margarita

Make this Apple Cider Margarita for a fun, Fall cocktail!

Let’s not forget about our friend, tequila. Tequila and cider go together surprisingly well if you haven’t tried it before. Mix these up ahead of time and keep the party flowing!


Sparkling Fireball Apple Sangria

Top off your Sparkling Fireball Apple Sangria with sparkling apple cider or champagne!

This one’s a showstopper! A sangria that looks as good as this is going to be a hit at any party. And just wait until you get a taste of it…


Apple Cider Hot Toddie

If you’re warming up by the fire or maybe not feeling so great…one or two of these is going to fix you right up!


Warm Apple Cider Cocktail

This one could fall into the dessert category for me, but I know with all that caramel apple vodka in here it’s going to go down easy!


Hot Apple Cider Buttered Rum


Spiked Mulled Cider –

This warm cider cocktail has a serving of spiced butter on the side…or for in the drink if you ask me. An ounce of rum might be light for me but get as much as you want in there! Like I said – this is my list of Top Ten Boozy Cider Cocktails, so let’s make them work!


Whiskey Apple Pie Float –

This Whisky Apple Pie Float is going to be a hit for dessert!

Let’s not forget about dessert in thisTop Ten Boozy Cider Cocktails list! I love the idea of serving dessert cocktails at parties. Everyone is impressed when a boozy, dessert cocktail gets served up to them.

And you can still serve a slice of apple pie on the side!


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