Cucumber Mint Gimlet

  We’re having the whole family over this year and I’m going to be making a large pitcher of these Cucumber Mint Gimlets. The las two years in a row now that we’ve hosted Easter we have lost power. Like right in the middle of throwing our food in the...
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Tired of Ham?

Are you tired of ham? Looking for something different for your Holiday Meal? I love ham. I don’t get tired of it easily. Glazed Ham, Spiral Sliced Ham, Ham Steaks, leftover ham. However you can make it. Actually my new favorite way to eat ham is this Sweet Baked Ham from Mel’s Kitchen....
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Beer Glazed Ham Steaks

I thought I’d start off the week with these Beer Glazed Ham Steaks to get ready for Easter. Most people who are having a large family Easter dinner will be making a whole ham, or a spiral sliced ham, that feeds like 100 people. I love ham, and all the...
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Bruce Juice Cocktail

What a week I am having… First with a trip to the Yankee Stadium home opener and also my trip to Brooklyn to watch Bruce introduce the E Street Band to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So now I feel like I need to come up with a...
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The Yankeetini

  For the times that I don’t have one of my boys with me I like to hit the NYY Steak House at Yankee Stadium and order a Yankeetini. I have become somewhat of a “regular” at NYY Steak House, I like to go with my wife or take different...
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Throwback Thursday Mai Tai

    I love a good beer or two (or  3 or 4? Who am I kidding) when eating Chinese food or sitting at the Hibachi Grill but sometimes you need something more, like a pitcher of these Throwback Thursday Mai Tai’s! I know a lot of guys that are into sake...
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A Classic Negroni, with a Twist

  I’m wrapping up Italian week with a Negroni cocktail, with my own twist. This classic Italian cocktail is definitely a drink to be sipped – don’t let the fun red color fool you, it’s all booze. If you love bitters, you’ll no doubt love a Negroni. Campari has a...
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Jacked Up Irish Coffee

I wanted to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day- and I’m doing it with my Jacked Up Irish Coffee. Since all whiskeys are not created equal, I had to test out a few in this Irish Coffee before I found my favorite. Tough job but someone has to do...
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