Thanksgiving Cocktail Round Up

This Thanksgiving Cocktail Round Up is going to get you through the long haul – the longest dinner of the year! I mean, it’s a great food day. All the appetizers, all the desserts, the turkey. ALL the food. But we need something to wash all that food down with too...
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Island Champagne Cocktail

This Island Champagne Cocktail is going to bring us right to the islands in the most delicious way possible! We’re going back to the islands! Like soon. Two days after Thanksgiving my family and I will be sitting back on that ridiculously beautiful beach Trunk Bay, you can go back and...
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Italian Stuffing Muffins

Italian Stuffing Muffins are my twist on my favorite side dish. Sausage, roasted red peppers and tons of mozzarella cheese…these might steal the show! Yep, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is really the stuffing. Stuffing of all kinds is good, but my favorite is a traditional sausage stuffing. I love the crusty,...
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Rosemary Reposado

This Rosemary Reposado will be the perfect signature cocktail for your Holiday or Christmas party! I was asked by my friends at Hornitos® to come up with a Christmas drink using their Reposado Tequila so I grabbed my bottle of tequila and started mixing… It’s hard sometimes to get the right...
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Rum Harvest Cocktail

This Rum Harvest Cocktail is like a kicked up version of a rum and coke, with fresh lime juice and cranberry to really add to the flavor!   This rum cocktail is really what I like to drink during the colder weather. It’s a rum and coke – but kicked up...
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Fall Fried Rice

Fall Fried Rice is the perfect dinner for Fall! Loaded with fresh squash and sausage with pumpkin seeds on top for crunch! I think you guys know by now how much we love fried rice around here. It started out with our basic pork fried rice that we make all the...
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Taco Pepper Poppers

Taco Pepper Poppers are mini sweet peppers filled with a cheesy, crunchy taco flavored filling! The perfect bite sized appetizer – or even a fun dinner for Taco Tuesday! I love appetizers. Really I love them more than dinner. I always fill up on appetizers at a party and then only...
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Jack-O’Blast Pumpkin Rum Shooters

These Jack-O’Blast Pumpkin Rum Shooters are flavored with a special Halloween seasonal rum that you’re not going to want to miss! I know that Halloween party you’re having is coming up soon, and I also know that you’re going to need some cocktails. Yep, I know, Halloween is for the kids....
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