Cinnamon Toast Crunch Sugar Cookies

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Sugar Cookies are my son’s new cookie creation! A Sugar cookie topped with crispy and sweet “toast” topping! My boys are lucky that we have a good friend, and close neighbor who bakes ALL the time. Because we don’t. So one rainy weekend day my oldest son asked if he could...
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Slow Cooker Pasta Fagioli

Slow Cooker Pasta Fagioli is one of my favorite, comfort food dinners! Never throw away that leftover ham bone – make soup! So my mom always makes ham for the holidays. Except for Thanksgiving, that one is turkey, but most other holidays – it’s ham. Which makes my boys really...
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Easy Salmon Cracker Spread

Easy Salmon Cracker Spread loaded on RITZ Crackers is the perfect appetizer for Game Day! Fresh salmon, dill, cream cheese and mayonnaise…it’s so good! There are tons of appetizers going on for our Game Day party…let’s face it, besides the actual game the food is the best part! BUT…we just got through...
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Stuffed Cheese Doodle Meatballs

Stuffed Cheese Doodle Meatballs are the ultimate party food! Chicken meatballs, stuffed with cheese – dipped in cheese -and coated with cheese doodles! I know you’re thinking I’ve lost it now. Stuffed Cheese Doodle Meatballs??? You’re going to want to stay with me here…because this recipe is going to blow you away....
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Italian Sub Bruschetta

This Italian Sub Bruschetta has all the flavors of your favorite sub sandwich! Perfect for appetizers, tailgating or a fun dinner at home! A weekend of watching sports on TV is awesome, especially when you get into the more important games around play off time, but when we get right down...
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Pineapple Upside Down Shots

Pineapple Upside Down Shots taste just like the dessert but in drinkable form! Sweet but with a big kick from vanilla whiskey, these go down easy! So as I promised, the shot to go along with my boozy, Pineapple Whiskey Upside Down Cakes. These are fun shots to make, everyone...
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