Apple Bacon and Brie Phyllo Cups

These Apple Bacon and Brie Phyllo Cups are an easy, one bite appetizer that everyone is sure to love. Get these ready for your Holiday parties! We all want tasty, but easy ranks pretty high up there too. Especially when we’re talking about Holiday dinners, when you’re not just talking about...
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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

You definitely won’t get bored with all those leftovers if you use this Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes list! Let’s all take a deep breath. Another holiday is over. We can get those running shoes back on, start making salads and healthy dinners again and get back on our schedules. Thanksgiving dinner is usually...
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Taco Pepper Poppers

Taco Pepper Poppers are mini sweet peppers filled with a cheesy, crunchy taco flavored filling! The perfect bite sized appetizer – or even a fun dinner for Taco Tuesday! I love appetizers. Really I love them more than dinner. I always fill up on appetizers at a party and then only...
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Easy Clams Casino Tarts

Easy Clams Casino Tarts are a one bite version of your favorite clam appetizer, without all the work! My favorite way to eat clams is to make steamers. Steamers in beer, with a few beers on the side…that’s my favorite way to eat them, all year long, no question. My boys...
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Spicy Mexican Pizzas

Spicy Mexican Pizzas aren’t spicy like you think…not blow your head off spicy, but a different kind of spice! I remember ordering Mexican Pizzas back when I was a teenager from Taco Bell. They were so good and at the time that was what Mexican food was to me. Man, have...
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Eggplant Parmesan Toasts

These Eggplant Parmesan Toasts are my new favorite appetizer, and I think they might become your favorite too! I love anything made parmesan style…Chicken parm, eggplant parm, meatball parm… It’s all good. And when you make that into a bite sized appetizer that I can eat while hanging out with friends...
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Game Day Food

Game Day Food is what it’s all about, right? If you’re team is winning or losing, the food is what makes it better! Burgers, quesadillas, tacos, hot dogs, cheesy dips of all kind… This is Game Day food. We’ve got the beer, we’ve got the shots. Now it’s about getting the right...
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Boozy Cowboy Caviar

This Boozy Cowboy Caviar will turn any night into a party night! Leave that jarred salsa in the refrigerator for today… Chips and salsa are without a doubt a standard when anyone come over to our house. We make it homemade or eat it from a jar – it doesn’t matter to...
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