Italian Egg Rolls

Try these Italian Egg Rolls at your next party! Italian sausage, peppers, onions and lots and lots of cheese…deep fried until crispy! Don’t be afraid of the deep fry, people. I’m not here to tell you that you should be deep frying things at every meal or every week or...
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Pumpkin Glazed Cocktail Meatballs

Make a whole bunch of these Pumpkin Glazed Cocktail Meatballs for your next party! Halloween, cocktail parties, tailgating or just a tasty family dinner! There’s a lot of different appetizers that I consider a favorite of mine. Any type of meatball appetizer is one, bruschetta is another or anything really...
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Loaded Beef Burrito Layered Dip

Make Loaded Beef Burrito Layered Dip at your next party and watch it disappear! Layers of beans, rice, meat and cheese make scooping it up more fun! Trying to keep food in the house with two growing boys isn’t always the easiest thing to do. That’s why even when we...
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Grilled Tex Mex Avocado Toast

Try this Grilled Tex Mex Avocado Toast to spice things up at your next party! There’s nothing easier (or more tasty) than appetizers on the grill… Now that it’s grilling season, we’re grilling up everything we can. Not just steaks and burgers but we’re grilling up our appetizers too. These Grilled Tex...
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