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At Mantitlement™ I believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy the best things in life.

But my main goal? Making amazing looking food that you’d normally say – no way I can make that – that anyone and I mean anyone can make. Great food doesn’t have to take hours…it just might look that way.

I’ll be talking about great food recipes, awesome cocktails, and a few parties and trips that I would like to share with you. Mantitlement™ is from a guy’s point of view (that would be me) but the recipes and posts are definitely for both men and women to enjoy.

I couldn’t have done this without my wife, Christie who has turned me into a foodie and is definitely the inspiration behind me starting this web site. She had to get a big nod here on the about me page…she is my right arm in decision making, asking about recipes, the “In’s and Out’s” of cooking and has taught me everything I know to date.

I’m hoping that the recipes you find here at Mantitlement will make your cooking life a little more fun and enjoyable. It sure did for mine – and if I can learn to cook, believe me, anyone can!


dan {at} mantitlement {dot} com

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